(Picture Guide) 2020 Pets

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2020 Pets

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January 2020

Moon Monkey

Moon Monkey Gift Box

Lunar Swing

Space Snack Mix

Pink Sweetheart Bunny

Pink Sweetheart Bunny Gift Box

Pink Friends Forever Wardrobe

Pretty Pink Parfait

Purple Sweetheart Bunny

Purple Sweetheart Bunny Gift Box

Purple Friends Forever Wardrobe

Pretty Purple Parfait

Signature Horse
Promo Kinz

Signature Horse Gift Box

Thorough Bread Cafe[1]

Peppermint Treat Bites
  1. The Thorough Bread Cafe gives one Spiced Apple Carrot Mini Loaves a day

February 2020

Baby Weasel
Promo Kinz

Baby Weasel Gift Box

Peaceful Pine Hammock

Mini Mouse Donuts

Northern Trails Otter

Northern Trails Otter Gift Box

Northern Trails River Slide

Crab Melt

Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten Gift Box

Smitten Kitten Window Seat

Fresh Fruit Yogurt Tube

March 2020

Sweet Spring Raccoon

Sweet Spring Raccoon Gift Box

Sweet Spring Hot Air Balloon

Chewy Fruit and Nut Bar

White Chocolate Bunny
Promo Kinz

White Chocolate Gift Box

White Chocolate Waterfall

Strawberry Cucumber Soda

April 2020

Cactus Cat

Cactus Cat Gift Box

Blooming Desert Garden

Prickly Pretzels

Lil Orange Spring Gosling

Lil Orange Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Orange Egg Bridge

Orange Braided Bread

Lil Purple Spring Gosling

Lil Purple Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Purple Egg Bridge

Purple Braided Bread

Lil Yellow Spring Gosling

Lil Yellow Spring Gosling Gift Box

Spring Yellow Egg Bridge

Yellow Braided Bread


Porcupette Gift Box

Hidden Log Den

Maple Bark Crunch

St Bernard Puppy

St. Bernard Puppy Gift Box

Celebration Canopy Bed

Rainbow Waffles

May 2020

Grey Vole

Grey Vole Gift Box

Getaway Slide

Crunchy Shoots Spring Roll

Teacup Pomeranian
Promo Kinz

Teacup Pomeranian Gift Box

Purse Cottage

Loaded Potato Bites

Tulip Pony

Tulip Pony Gift Box

Tulip Carriage

Fresh Flower Dumplings

June 2020


Coati Gift Box

Jungle Nest Swing

Epic Empanadas

Golden Dox Puppy
Promo Kinz

Golden Dox Puppy Gift Box

Golden Loft Bed

Extra Large Omelet

Lil Otter Pup

Lil Otter Pup Gift Box

Seashell Racer

Lil Clam Shell Cookies

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Gift Box

Monarch Wardrobe

Goldenrod Honey Tea

July 2020

Beaver Kit

Beaver Kit Gift Box

Waterfall Slide

Nuts and Twigs Cereal Bar

Gingerbread Bear

Gingerbread Bear Gift Box

Gingerbread Roll Growing Garden Seeds

Gingerbread Pretzels

Merle Frenchie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Merle Frenchie Puppy Gift Box

Luxury Lounging Sofa

Best Bagel Sandwich

August 2020

Bobcat Kitten
Promo Kinz

Bobcat Kitten Gift Box

Bobcat Den

Bunny Boiled Eggs

Mango Gecko

Mango Gecko Gift Box

Mango Car

Favorite Fruit Smoothie

Silver Fox

Silver Fox Gift Box

Wilderness Porch

Silver Sparkle Cupcake

September 2020

Daylight Dragon
Promo Kinz

Daylight Dragon Gift Box

Dragon Air Ship

Spicy Hot Wings

Farm Kitten

Farm Kitten Gift Box

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

Tuna Tea Sandwiches

Moonlight Dragon
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Dragon Gift Box

Mystical Moonlight Fountain

Grape Juice Goblet

October 2020

White Highland Calf

White Highland Calf Gift Box

Highland Meadow Window

Carrot and Corn Soup

Lil Jolly Owl

Lil Jolly Owl Gift Box

Jolly Tree Perch

Jolly Drip Cake

Lil Tricky Owl

Lil Tricky Owl Gift Box

Tricky Tree Perch

Tricky Drip Cake

Lil Wise Owl

Lil Wise Owl Gift Box

Wise Tree Perch

Wise Drip Cake

Vampire Panther Cub

Vampire Panther Cub Gift Box

Fangtastic Organ

Cherry Cola Float

November 2020

Cookies and Cream Giraffe

Cookies and Cream Giraffe Gift Box

Cookie Sandwich Wardrobe

Cookie Ice Cream Bar

Harvest Unicorn

Harvest Unicorn Gift Box

Bountiful Daybed

Watermelon Mint Sorbet

Holiday Silver Reindeer
Promo Kinz

Holiday Silver Reindeer Gift Box

Holiday Silver Sleigh

Heartwarming Oatmeal Bowl

December 2020

Gingerbread Elf

Gingerbread Elf Gift Box

Holiday Gum Drop Seeds

Honey Ginger Cake

Gordon Setter
Promo Kinz

Gordon Setter Gift Box

Moor Views Balcony

Spectacular Sausage Pie

Holiday Red Reindeer

Holiday Red Reindeer Gift Box

Holiday Silver Lounger

Chilly Cranberry Punch

Polarberry Bear

Polarberry Bear Gift Box

Winter Polar Toboggan

Polarberry Cheesecake

Golden Retriever (2020)

Golden Retriever Gift Box

Golden Pool

Golden Pancakes

Unicorn (2020)

Unicorn Gift Box

Majestic Meadow Bed

Twinkling Flower Fondue

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