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2013 Pets

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January 2013

Cookies n Cream Guinea Pig

Cookies 'n Cream Guinea Pig Gift Box

Cocoa Power Shower

Crunchy Chocolate Tacos

Lucky Dino

Lucky Dino Gift Box

Emerald Armchair

Shamrock Smoothie

Opal Owl

Opal Owl Gift Box

Forest Treasures Safe

Jeweled Eggs Benedict

Polka Dot Dalmatian

Polka Dot Dalmatian Gift Box

Polka Dot Fireplace

Hot Peppermint Sticks

Poofy Poodle

Poofy Poodle Gift Box

French Chaise

Sweet Fluffy Bon Bons

Rockerz Zebra

Rockerz Zebra Gift Box

Rock Star Backstage Wardrobe

Performer Fruit Punch

Rockerz Zebra Concert Clothing Case

Dance Practice Shoes

Red Hood

Rockin' Red Hood

Shining Red Tutu

Signature Barn Owl

Signature Barn Owl Gift Box

Sneaky Silo

Gourmet Cricket Cocktail

Sweetheart Pup

Sweetheart Pup Gift Box

Bean Bag Bed

Sweetheart Cereal

February 2013

Brown Boston Terrier

Brown Boston Terrier Gift Box

Championship Pool

Charred Baseball Steak

Candy Pup

Candy Pup Gift Box

Candy Pup Tent

Gummy Bones

Cheeky Bunny

Cheeky Bunny Gift Box

Happy Hoppy Tulip Patch

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Longhorn Steer

Longhorn Steer Gift Box

Wild West Ranch Sign

Grasslands Griddlecakes

Surfin Turtle

Surfin' Turtle Gift Box

Tropical Beach Towel

Spicy Seaweed Salsa

Signature Arctic Hare

Signature Arctic Hare Gift Box

Snowdrift Hideaway

Wintry Raspberry Tea

Lil Green Duckling

Lil Green Duckling Gift Box

Green Spring Swing

Sweet Springtime Green Custard

Lil Purple Duckling

Lil Purple Duckling Gift Box

Purple Spring Swing

Sweet Springtime Purple Custard

Lil Yellow Duckling

Lil Yellow Duckling Gift Box

Yellow Spring Swing

Sweet Springtime Yellow Custard

Lots of Dots Rhino

Lots of Dots Rhino Gift Box

Polka Dot Drum Set

Polka Dot Cookies

Lovely Panda

Lovely Panda Gift Box

Pink Blossom Hideout

Friendship Fortune Cookies

March 2013

Charming Rat

Charming Rat Gift Box

Tricky Magical Blackboard

Enchanted Cheese


Hyena Gift Box

Fifteen Minutes Mic

Sub-Saharan Sandwich

Signature Miniature Dachshund

Signature Miniature Dachshund Gift Box

Hot Dog Shop

Tiny Hotdog Sliders

Peace n Love Puppy

Peace 'n Love Puppy Gift Box

Chillaxin' Couch

Organic Veggie Burger

Purple Panther
Promo Kinz

Purple Panther Gift Box

Nocturnal Clock

Sour Grape Moon Chews

Rainbow Pegasus

Rainbow Pegasus Gift Box

Floating Cloud Haven

Rainbow Marshmallow Kebobs

Rockerz Fox

Rockerz Fox Gift Box

Autograph Signing Station

Foxy Falafels

Rockerz Fox Concert Clothing Case

Black Ripped Jeans

Gold Chain Shades

Zipper Denim Vest

April 2013

Bulldog Puppy

Bulldog Puppy Gift Box

Sports Fan Couch

Big Game Bacon Nachos

Cupcake Pup

Cupcake Pup Gift Box

Cupcake Baker's Table

Cupcake Pops

Flower Frog

Flower Frog Gift Box

Lily Pad Trampoline

Lotus Bloom Tea

Lollipop Snail

Lollipop Snail Gift Box

Candy Car

Rainbow Meringues

Magical Hippogriff

Magical Hippogriff Gift Box

Mythical Tapestry

Chocolate Mice

Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty Gift Box

Ribbon Tutu Dress

Fishy Finger Cakes

Signature Bull Terrier

Signature Bull Terrier Gift Box

Weightlifter's Station

Super Steak 'n' Eggs

May 2013

Earth Fawn
Promo Kinz

Earth Fawn Gift Box

Forest Floor Trapdoor

Flower Flapjacks

Fancy Flamingo

Fancy Flamingo Gift Box

Luxury Lounge Chair

Watermelon Punch

Friendly Monster

Friendly Monster Gift Box

Slimy Monster Bathtub

Booberry Gumball

Harmony Dragon

Harmony Dragon Gift Box

Harmony Stone Statue

Harmony Dragonfruit Soarbet

Musical Dalmatian

Musical Dalmatian Gift Box

Music Conductor's Tuxedo

Orchestra Pitted Olives

Seafoam Sparkle Dolphin

Seafoam Sparkle Dolphin Gift Box

Brilliant Bubble Geyser

Precious Pearl Cupcake

Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever

Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever Gift Box

Playful Pup Bed

Golden Rib Steak

Squirrel Monkey[1]

Squirrel Monkey Gift Box

Space Shuttle

Freeze Dried Bananas

Space Jacket

  1. A special Space Camp® Challenge is also included with the adoption of this pet.

June 2013

Camo Croc

Camo Croc Gift Box

Swamp Hovercraft

Florida Key Lime Pie

Choco Cheeky Dog

Choco Cheeky Dog Gift Box

Melting Chocolate Chair

Chocobones Cereal

Chocolate Pup

Chocolate Pup Gift Box

Lots of Chocolate Booth

Fine Fudge Truffles

Curly Lion

Curly Lion Gift Box

Majestic Wardrobe

Curly Fries

Friendly Dragon
Promo Kinz

Friendly Dragon Gift Box

Friendly Dragon Stone Statue

Friendly Dragonfruit Soarbet

Signature Marble Cat

Signature Marble Cat Gift Box

Ancient Dig Site

Meowing Marble Cheesecake

Zen Dragon

Zen Dragon Gift Box

Zen Dragon Stone Statue

Zen Dragonfruit Soarbet

July 2013

Blonde Cockapoo

Blonde Cockapoo Gift Box

Summer Watering Hole

Doggy Bone Cone

Colorsplash Tiger

Colorsplash Tiger Gift Box

Finger Painting Easel

Rainbow Spaghetti Bowl

Mystical Otter

Mystical Otter Gift Box

Cryptic Crystal Ball

Stardusted Donuts

Pirate Parrot

Pirate Parrot Gift Box

Buried Treasure Beach

Swordfish and Chips

Sequin Fox

Sequin Fox Gift Box

Fabulous Staircase Slide

Dazzling Danishes

Signature Border Terrier

Signature Border Terrier Gift Box

Around the World Plane

Continental Barkfast

Starry Stallion
Promo Kinz

Starry Stallion Gift Box

Stargazing Deck

Starry Snacks

August 2013

Banana Print Monkey

Banana Print Monkey Gift Box

Bouncy Banana Bed

Chocolate Dipped Bananas

Diggity Dino

Diggity Dino Gift Box

Triassic Toy Box

Prehistoric Pizza

Lady Ostrich

Lady Ostrich Gift Box

Luxurious Pink Bubble Bath

Charming Caviar

Lollipop Pup

Lollipop Pup Gift Box

Lollipop Lamp

Polarberry Pop

Midnight Owl

Midnight Owl Gift Box

Midnight Snack Fridge

Nighttime Nibbles

Buttons Bear

Buttons Bear Gift Box

Cute Quilting Table

Stitched Up Cupcake

Sequin Peacock

Sequin Peacock Gift Box

Lavish Lounger

Flan Flambe

Signature Snow Leopard

Signature Snow Leopard Box

Alpine Cave

Cozy Cocoa

September 2013

Enchanted Goat

Enchanted Goat Gift Box

Enchanted Goat Package Box

Beguiling Bagel

Wise Enchanter Boots

Wise Enchanter Crown

Wise Enchanter Robe

Harvest Sheep
Promo Kinz

Harvest Sheep Gift Box

Autumn Tree Slide

Pumpkin Parfait

Neon Winged Zebra

Neon Winged Zebra Gift Box

I Love Webkinz Sign

Frosted Candy Flowers

Polka-Dot Puppy

Polka-Dot Puppy Gift Box

Polka Dot Shower

Purple Candy Pieces

Pom Pom Dino

Pom Pom Dino Gift Box

Cheerful Trampoline

Polka Dot Cream Puffs

Signature Chow Chow

Signature Chow Chow Gift Box

Empire Tower Bed

Signature Stir Fry

Zombie Bloodhound

Zombie Bloodhound Gift Box

Cobweb Couch

Frightening Fritter

October 2013

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon Gift Box

Ancient Dynasty Trunk

Fire Spice Ramen

Groovy Gorilla

Groovy Gorilla Gift Box

Bongo Trampoline

Boppin' Blueberry Shake


Holidoodle Gift Box

Candy Cane Slide

Green Mint Shortbread

Ice Cream Pup

Ice Cream Pup Gift Box

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Neon Pallas Cat

Neon Pallas Cat Gift Box

Neon Futon

Florescent Frozen Yogurt

Orange Soda Pup

Orange Soda Pup

Soda Bottle Fridge

Sherbet Float

Signature Moose

Signature Moose Gift Box

Forest Ranger Tower

Maple Syrup Brownies

Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie Gift Box

Tea for Two Table

Tiny Tea Scones

November 2013

Alpine St Bernard

Alpine St. Bernard Gift Box

Barrel Hot Tub

Frozen Chocolate Fondue

Green Peppermint Unicorn
Promo Kinz

Green Peppermint Unicorn Gift Box

Green Mystical Ice Sculpture

Green Magic Mint Smoothie

Iceberg Bear

Iceberg Bear Gift Box

Hot Springs Bath

Frosted Mug Cake

Signature Ocelot

Signature Ocelot Gift Box

Aztec Cat Fountain

Cha Cha Chili

Stone Lion
Promo Kinz

Stone Lion Gift Box

Rosy Rock Garden

Rosemint Tea

Striped Cheeky Cat

Striped Cheeky Cat Gift Box

Funky Striped Sofa

Ribboned Pop

Swirly Curl Unicorn

Swirly Curl Unicorn Gift Box

Ribbons & Swirls Chest of Drawers

Cotton Candy Cone


Tinkercat Gift Box

Clockwork Stove

Rivet and Ratchet Ragout

December 2013

Donut Pup

Donut Pup Gift Box

Cup of Cocoa Tub

Donut Sandwich

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Gift Box

Windy Moors Den

After Run Bun

Gingerbread Puppy

Gingerbread Puppy Gift Box

Gingerbread Bed

Gingersnap Pie

Ice Penguin

Ice Penguin Gift Box

Slippery Slide

Hot Fish Soup

Sassy Skunk

Sassy Skunk Gift Box

Scented Bubble Bath

Swanky Caesar Salad

Signature English Bulldog

Signature English Bulldog Gift Box

Double Decker Bus Bed

The Great Puppy Poundcake

Snowy Googles

Snowy Googles Gift Box

Frosty Snowmobile

Rock Candy

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