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2012 Pets

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January 2012

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier Gift Box

Deluxe Grooming Chair

Elegant English Muffins

Blossom Sea Turtle

Blossom Sea Turtle Gift Box

Sea Floral Cove

Sea Sponge Cake

Charming Panda

Charming Panda Gift Box

Bamboo Chute Swing

Bamboo Biscuits

Clover Cat

Clover Cat Gift Box

Playful Pot of Gold

Four Leaf Catnip

Cotton Candy Puppy

Cotton Candy Puppy Gift Box

Cotton Candy Closet

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Darling Dino

Darling Dino Gift Box

Prehistoric Pond

Sparkling Sundae


Eluvant Gift Box

True Luv Wishing Well

Luv Potion Pop

Holland Lop Bunny

Holland Lop Bunny Gift Box

Homemade Carrot Juicer

Carrot Cream Cone

Ice Swan

Ice Swan Gift Box

Ice Palace Window

Frozen Fruit Cocktail

Mohawk Puppy

Mohawk Puppy Gift Box

Rocking Wardrobe


Polka Dot Cow

Polka Dot Cow Gift Box

Polka Dot Piano

Crunchy Chip Cookies

Signature Siberian Husky

Signature Siberian Husky Gift Box

Northern Research Igloo

Alaskan Baked Salmon

Sweetheart Monster

Sweetheart Monster Gift Box

Love Potion Cauldron

Monstrous Milkshake

White Tiger

White Tiger Gift Box

Jungle Cat Perch

Roaring Steak Tartare

February 2012


Badger Gift Box

Badger Hill

Hot Honey Hoagie

Clover Lion

Clover Lion Gift Box

Hidden Clover Den

Lucky Steak Medallion

Dreamy Sheep

Dreamy Sheep Gift Box

Day Dreamer's Window

Midnight Snack

Daisy Pig

Daisy Pig Gift Box

Daisy Flower Bed

Trough Toffee

Peace Out Puppy

Peace Out Puppy Gift Box

Peace 'n Love Van

Tofu Tapioca

Polka Dot and Striped Bobcat

Polka Dot and Striped Bobcat Gift Box

Spotted Tea Trolley

Polka Dot Donut

Red Velvet Rabbit
Promo Kinz

Red Velvet Rabbit Gift Box

Red Velvet Rose Couch

Red Velvet Carrot Cake

Signature English Spot Bunny

Signature English Spot Bunny Gift Box

Spot of Tea Slide

Carrot Bisque

Sizzling Swan

Sizzling Swan Gift Box

Fierce Fountain

Fish Fillet Flambe

Sleepy Woodland Dragon
Promo Kinz

Sleepy Woodland Dragon Gift Box

Cedar Toy Trunk

Crunchy Bark Bites

Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat Gift Box

Trendy Tuxedo Armoire

Triple Top Hat Cake

March 2012

Bedtime Puppy

Bedtime Puppy Gift Box

Pizza Party Perch

BFF Buttery Popcorn

Chillaxin Penguin

Chillaxin Penguin Gift Box

Arctic Airplane

Frosty Sardine Sandwich

Cuddly Koala

Cuddly Koala Gift Box

Cuddly Koala Clothing Package

Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

Cozy Pink PJ Pants

Cozy Pink Slippers

Cozy Pink PJ Top

Curly Camel

Curly Camel Gift Box

Sand Dune Den

Milkshake Mirage

Lil Blue Piglet

Lil Blue Piglet Gift Box

Blue Spring Greenhouse

Blue Marzipan Truffles

Lil Green Piglet

Lil Green Piglet Gift Box

Green Spring Greenhouse

Green Marzipan Truffles

Lil Purple Piglet

Lil Purple Piglet Gift Box

Purple Spring Greenhouse

Purple Marzipan Truffles

Radiant Rhino

Radiant Rhino Gift Box

Sunny Savanna Window

Sparkling Soda

Signature Bengal Cat

Signature Bengal Cat Gift Box

Cozy Canopy Bed

Wild Salmon Souffle

Snowy Summit Wolf
Promo Kinz

Snowy Summit Wolf Gift Box

Snowy Mountain Peak

Wolf Pack Snack

Welsh Corgi Dog

Welsh Corgi Dog Gift Box

Royal Guard Station

Ewe Stew

April 2012

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Gift Box

Fluffy White Bubble Bath

Cotton Kibble Candy

Fire Songbird
Promo Kinz

Fire Songbird Gift Box

Sizzling Seat

Seared Seed Buns

Lil Kinz Spring Songbird

Spring Songbird Gift Box

Spring Melody Harp

Grapefruit Symphony

Northern Trails Buffalo
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Buffalo Gift Box

Nomad Tent

Prairie Grass Pudding

Pizzazzy Puppy

Pizzazzy Puppy Gift Box

Designer Gown

Pinkberry Punch


Plumfadoodle Gift Box

Flower Patch Pond

Sour Plum Drops

Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel

Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel Gift Box

Palatial Platform

Royal Feast

Sleepover Cub

Sleepover Cub Gift Box

Sleepover Sofa Bed

Supreme Sundae


Sloth Gift Box

Speedy Jungle SUV

Sweet Leaf Salad

Springy Kangaroo

Springy Kangaroo Gift Box

Floral Pantry

Roasted Wild Grass

Stormy Dragon

Stormy Dragon Gift Box

Lightning Lagoon

Shimmering Soda

May 2012

Cosmic Bear
Promo Kinz

Cosmic Bear Gift Box

Levitating Loveseat

Moon Rock Candy

Lilac Guinea Pig

Lilac Guinea Pig Gift Box

Wild Flower Spa

Papaya Punch

Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck Gift Box

Playful Pond

Wild Grain Granola Bar

Pink Dalmatian

Pink Dalmatian Gift Box

Sapphire Lamp Post

Cream Soda Slushy

Rainbow Rascal

Rainbow Rascal Gift Box

Swing in the Sky

Spectrum Snow Cone

Signature Normande Cow

Signature Normande Cow Gift Box

Silo Storage Tower

Foie Grass

Winged Tiger

Winged Tiger Gift Box

Kinz Air Pilot Outfit Package Box

Airline Cuisine

Kinz Air Pilot Glasses

Kinz Air Pilot Hat

Kinz Air Pilot Pants

Kinz Air Pilot Shoes

Kinz Air Pilot Top

June 2012

Airborne Puppy

Airborne Puppy Gift Box

Cloud Control Station

Winged Wet Food

Cocoa Lab

Cocoa Lab Gift Box

Frozen Treat Fridge

Caramel Ice Pop

Rockerz Bulldog

Rockerz Bulldog Gift Box

Rockin' Drum Set

Mosh Pitatoes

Rockerz Bulldog Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Black Stomping Boots

Rockerz Punk Leather Jacket

Rockerz Punk Pants

Rockerz Cat

Rockerz Cat Gift Box

Dressing Room Vanity

Funky Fish Sticks

Rockerz Cat Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Canvas Shoes

Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt

Rockerz Superstar Sunglasses

Rockerz Superstar Top

Rockerz Cow

Rockerz Cow Gift Box

Groovy Solo Stage

Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies

Rockerz Cow Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Braided Headband

Rockerz Flower Power Dress

Rockerz Flower Power Sandals

Rockerz Lion

Rockerz Lion Gift Box

Shock Rock Stage Flare

Heavy Metal Meatballs

Rockerz Lion Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Headbanging Bandanna

Rockerz Leather Jacket

Rockerz Purple Stomping Boots

Summer Beaver

Summer Beaver Gift Box

Warm River Spa

Cedar Sundae

Signature Ragdoll Cat

Signature Ragdoll Cat Gift Box

Designer Catwalk

Seared Scallops


T-Rex Gift Box

Amber Armchair

Giant Jawbreaker

July 2012


Alpaca Gift Box

Fully Wooly Recliner

Wheatgrass Smoothie


Boxer Gift Box

Boxing Ring Trampoline

Champion Treats


Coyote Gift Box

Canyon Crosswalk

Prairie Omelette

FrooFroo Fox

FrooFroo Fox Gift Box

Elegant Settee

Crayfish Cocktail

Purple Floral Fawn

Purple Floral Fawn Gift Box

Cozy Log Hideaway

Apple Blossom Tarts

Rockerz Puppy

Rockerz Puppy Gift Box

Heartthrob Performance Platform

Backstage Burger

Rockerz Puppy Concert Clothing Case

Purple Ball Cap

Purple High Cut Sneakers

White Bubble Vest with Purple Hoodie

White Skinny Jeans

Signature Hippopotamus

Signature Hippopotamus Gift Box

Muddy River Raft Ride

Short Grass Samosas

Sunset Giraffe

Subset Giraffe Gift Box

Tallest Toy Box

Twiggy Pudding

August 2012

Apprentice Owl
Promo Kinz

Apprentice Owl Gift Box

Spellbook Perch

Magic Potion Punch

Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin Gift Box

Rainforest Sleeping Bag

Wildflower Nectar

Petal Print Giraffe

Petal Print Giraffe Gift Box

Purple Satin Flower Seat

Pressed Petal Tea

Rockerz Monkey

Rockerz Monkey Gift Box

Punk Stunt Stage

Hardcore Hoagie

Rockerz Monkey Concert Clothing Case

High Boots

Red Plaid Pants

Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket

Rockerz Papillon Dog

Rockerz Papillon Dog Gift Box

Rockin' Recording Booth

Pop Soda

Rockerz Papillon Dog Concert Clothing Case

Black High Heel Boots

Black Tutu Dress

Pink Frame Sunglasses

Sapphire Pegasus

Sapphire Pegasus Gift Box

Winged Piano

Gemstone Sugar Cone

Signature West Highland Terrier

Signature West Highland Terrier Gift Box

Enchanted Loch

Highland Haggis

Spooky Pup

Spooky Pup Gift Box

Haunted Doghouse

Unburied Bones

Texting Puppy

Texting Puppy Gift Box

Cell Phone Sofa

LOL Biscuits

Yellow Fluffy Cub

Yellow Fluffy Cub Gift Box

Totally Fun Toy Box

Honeycomb Porridge

September 2012

Holstein Cow

Holstein Cow Gift Box

Milk Jug Fridge

Udderly Delicious Sundae

Petal Print Skunk

Petal Print Skunk Gift Box

Playful Flower Pot

Wild Flower Wrap

Rainforest Frog

Rainforest Frog Gift Box

Orchid Bathtub

Waxworm Wontons

Signature Woodland Raccoon

Signature Woodland Raccoon Gift Box

Cozy Tree Hideaway

Wild Berry Sundae

Tie Dyed Pony

Tie Dyed Pony Gift Box

Tie Dyed Pickup Truck

Fruity Oat Cereal

October 2012

Black Wolf

Black Wolf Gift Box

Komrade Couch

Beef and Black Bean Stew

Candy Corn Mouse

Candy Corn Mouse Gift Box

Pumpkin Carving Station

Petrifying Popcorn

Grape Soda Pup

Grape Soda Pup Gift Box

Soda Can Fridge

Grape Soda Cap Gummies


Meerkat Gift Box

Desert Tree Sunning Station

Kalahari Quiche

Rockerz Bunny

Rockerz Bunny Gift Box

Boom Box Bed

Microphone Snow Cone

Rockerz Bunny Concert Clothing Case

Hip Hop Hat

Hip Hop Hoodie

Hip Hop Sneakers

Rockerz Coyote

Rockerz Coyote Gift Box

Rockin' Radio Interview Station

Acoustic Angel Cheesecake

Rockerz Coyote Clothing Case

Country Sweetheart Hat

Folk Singer Boho Dress

Southern Romance Boots

Rockerz Dog

Rockerz Dog Gift Box

Reggae DJ Booth

Spicy Chicken and Rice

Rockerz Dog Concert Clothing Case

Island Flip Flops

Reggae Hat

Reggae DJ Top

Rockerz Horse

Rockerz Horse Gift Box

Country Banjo Stage

Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler

Rockerz Horse Concert Clothing Case

White Cowboy Hat

White Tassel Cowboy Boots

White Tassel Leather Vest

Rockerz Poodle

Rockerz Poodle Gift Box

Disco Dance Floor

Disco Ball Cereal

Rockerz Poodle Concert Clothing Case

Funky White Hat

Groovy Bellbottom Leather Pants

Groovy Disco Jacket

Signature African Wild Dog

Signature African Wild Dog Gift Box


Wild Beast Brisket

Snowflake Pup

Snowflake Pup Gift Box

Snow Globe Chair

Snowflake Frosted Cookies

Spotted Spaniel

Spotted Spaniel Gift Box

Spotted Sports Car

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Sugar Coated Kitty

Sugar Coated Kitty Gift Box

Caketop Chair

Fairy Bread Triangles

November 2012

Butterscotch Retriever

Butterscotch Retriever Gift Box

Tennis Ball Launcher

Butterscotch Pancakes

Candy Googles

Candy Googles Gift Box

Cotton Candy Hammock

Rainbow Swirl Lollipop

Renaissance Palace Butterfly

Renaissance Palace Butterfly Gift Box

Fine Perfume Bath

Flowery Flutterpie

Rockabilly Rooster

Rockabilly Rooster Gift Box

Rooster Roadster

Cornbread 'n Beans

Signature Siamese Cat

Signature Siamese Cat Gift Box

Noble Stone Monument

Shrimp Pad Thai

Strawberry Chiffon Squirrel

Strawberry Chiffon Squirrel Gift Box

Strawberry Stove

Fruit and Nut Meringues

December 2012

Celestial Unicorn

Celestial Unicorn Gift Box

Celestial Swing

Soaring Star Sorbet

Chow Chow

Chow Chow Gift Box

Ornate Oriental Spa

Puffy Pedigree Pastry

Icy Mist Leopard

Icy Mist Leopard Gift Box

Glacier Mist Fridge

Polarberry Float

Red Peppermint Unicorn

Red Peppermint Unicorn Gift Box

Red Mystical Ice Sculpture

Red Magic Mint Smoothie

Rockerz Leopard

Rockerz Leopard Gift Box

Webkinz Rockerz Name In Lights

Groupie Grouper Sandwich

Rockerz Leopard Clothing Case

Red Leather Pants

Red Rocking Bandana

Rockin' White Sneakers

Rockerz Raccoon

Rockerz Raccoon Gift Box

Pyro Performance Stage

Purple Velvet Glam Cakes

Rockerz Raccoon Clothing Case

Glam Rock Face Sticker

Glam Rock Platform Boots

Glam Rock Jumpsuit

Signature White Bengal Tiger

Signature White Bengal Tiger Gift Box

White Tiger Crystal Fountain

Rib Roast Royale

Sparkle Harp Seal

Sparkle Harp Seal Gift Box

Frozen Ice Floe

Saltwater Snow Chips

White Peppermint Unicorn

White Peppermint Unicorn Gift Box

White Mystical Ice Sculpture

White Magic Mint Smoothie

Winter Solstice Stag

Winter Solstice Stag Gift Box

Moonlit Evergreen

Polarberry Perogies

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