(Picture Guide) 2014 Pets

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2014 Pets

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January 2014

Ballet Pup

Ballet Pup Gift Box

Pink Tutu Table

Sugarplum Sorbet

Blonde Dachshund

Blonde Dachshund Gift Box

Gold Armchair

Vanilla Cannoli

Harmony Crane
Promo Kinz

Harmony Crane Gift Box

Good Fortune Kimono

Zen Bento Box

Lovely Love Kitten

Lovely Love Kitten Gift Box

Candy Heart Couch

Rose Petal Tea

Red Velvet Fawn

Red Velvet Fawn Gift Box

Forest Travelers Luggage

Red Velvet Pancakes

Rose Lion

Rose Lion Gift Box

Secret Garden Bench

Flower Tart

Whooo La La Owl

Whooo La La Owl Gift Box

Blingin' Accessories Box

Pampered Pudding

February 2014

American German Shepherd

American German Shepherd Gift Box

Puppy Patrol Motorcycle

Off-Duty Donut

Carrots Bunny

Carrots Bunny Gift Box

Springtime Clock

Carrot Cake Crepes

Howdy Horse

Howdy Horse Gift Box

High Noon Chair

Lasso Linguine

Knit Sock Monkey

Knit Sock Monkey Gift Box

Knit Sock Monkey Package Box

Banana Ice Pop

Knitted Red Hat

Knitted Sock Sweater

Knitted Socks

Poshy Poodle

Poshy Poodle Gift Box

Chic Divan Couch

Ritzy Rice Balls


Raccutie Gift Box

Pink Racc-liner

Delightful Dumplings

Red Velvet Raccoon

Red Velvet Raccoon Gift Box

Luxurious Clock

Creamy Cocoa

Scribbles Pup

Scribbles Pup Gift Box

Doodle Chair

Squiggly Pasta

March 2014

Brown Sugar Puppy

Brown Sugar Puppy Gift Box

Professional Dessert Mixer

Marbled Ice Cream

Enchanted Elephant

Enchanted Elephant Gift Box

Mystical Magic Carpet

Karmic Korma

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Gift Box

Crotchety Cat Bed

Bad-Tempered Tuna

Pixie Fox

Pixie Fox Gift Box

Secluded Garden Shed

Secluded Garden Granola

Rainbow Sparkle Fawn
Promo Kinz

Rainbow Sparkle Fawn Gift Box

Twinkling Harp

Fizzy Lemonade

Lil Purple Goat

Lil Purple Goat Gift Box

Purple Sweet Garden Silo

Purple Spring Rolls

Lil Orange Goat

Lil Orange Goat Gift Box

Orange Sweet Garden Silo

Orange Spring Rolls

Lil Pink Goat

Lil Pink Goat Gift Box

Pink Sweet Garden Silo

Pink Spring Rolls

April 2014

Colorblock Monkey

Colorblock Monkey Gift Box

Colorblock Couch

Tropical Fruit Candy

Green Sloth

Green Sloth Gift Box

Lazy Days Hammock

Slow Cooked Stew

Knit Sock Dog

Knit Sock Dog Gift Box

Comfy Knitted Chair

Cozy Tea

Music N’ Dance Pup

Music N’ Dance Pup Gift Box

Funky Moves Music Player

Jumpin’ Juice Box

Pixie Bunny

Pixie Bunny Gift Box

Secluded Garden Cellar

Toffee Toadstools

Tartan Terrier
Promo Kinz

Tartan Terrier Gift Box

Tartan Terrier Package Box

Shortbread Biscuits

Highlander Hat

Highlander Jacket

Highlander Kilt

Highlander Shoes

May 2014

Aloha Dolphin

Aloha Dolphin Gift Box

Hang Ten Surfboard

Saltwater Sushi

Fiesta Bull

Fiesta Bull Gift Box

Fiesta Dining Table

Quirky Quesadillas

Lil Peanut Pup

Lil Peanut Pup Gift Box

Cute & Cozy Couch

PB n' J Popcorn

Mystical Squirrel

Mystical Squirrel Gift Box

Charmed Cabinet

Whimsical Waffles

Northern Trails Wolf
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Wolf Gift Box

Totem Pole Safe

Wanderer's Trail Mix

Zig Zag Zebra

Zig Zag Zebra Gift Box

Zany Wardrobe

Lightning Licorice

June 2014

Cheer Pup

Cheer Pup Gift Box

Confetti Launcher

Rah Rah Ravioli

Donkey Pinata

Donkey Pinata Gift Box

Festive Candy Fridge

Cheerful Churros

Fiesta Chihuahua

Fiesta Chihuahua Gift Box

Pinata Rocking Horse

Fandango Fries

Rainbow Hedgehog

Rainbow Hedgehog Gift Box

Playful Gardener's Package Box

Rainbow Rock Candy Cookies

Playful Gardener Bottom

Playful Gardener Top

Tigerlily Pup

Tigerlily Pup Gift Box

Wildflower Pond

Tigerlily Tea

July 2014

Midnight Carousel Horse
Promo Kinz

Midnight Carousel Horse Gift Box

Prize Klaw Machine

Licorice Snow Cone

Mohawk Chihuahua

Mohawk Chihuahua Gift Box

Mosh Ball Pit

Headbanging Hot Sauce

Patchwork Leopard

Patchwork Leopard Gift Box

Cute Quilted Couch

Quilted Cake

Undercover Cat

Undercover Cat Gift Box

Master of Disguise Closet

Disguise Pops

August 2014

Blossom Giraffe

Blossom Giraffe Gift Box

Flower Power Shower

Petal Pastry

Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty
Promo Kinz

Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty Gift Box

Sleek Sequin Armoire

Perfect Purple Punch

Curious Mouse

Curious Mouse Gift Box

Tricky Dollhouse Safe

Covert Cookies

Mystical Crab

Mystical Crab Gift Box

Wondrous Treasure Bed

Surreal Sushi Platter

Ribbon Iguana

Ribbon Iguana Gift Box

Pretty in Pink Convertible

Sparkling Strawberry Sundae

Zombie Pup

Zombie Pup Gift Box

Cozy Coffin Bed

Putrid Pudding

September 2014

Flutter Pig

Flutter Pig Gift Box

Hogwash Shower

Far-Fetched Fajitas

Puggle Puppy

Puggle Puppy Gift Box

Snuggle Puggle Playpen

Playtime Popcorn

Bubblegum Mammoth

Bubblegum Mammoth Gift Box

Super Sticky Sofa

Bubblegum Sundae


Ladybug Gift Box

Sweet Spotted Wardrobe

Crunchy Leaf Coleslaw

Quirky Carnival Unicorn

Quirky Carnival Unicorn Gift Box

Quirky Carnival Wagon Bed

Twisted Candy Apple

October 2014

Doodle Fadoodle

Doodle Fadoodle Gift Box

Colorful Costume Trunk


Quirky Carnival Cub

Quirky Carnival Cub Gift Box

Carnival Candy Cart

Carnival Candies

Snow Soft Kitty

Snow Soft Kitty Gift Box

Snowdrift Sofa

Cloud Nine Custard

Sweet Corn Tiger

Sweet Corn Tiger Gift Box

Pumpkin Train

Purrfect Parfait

November 2014

Colorblock Kitty

Colorblock Kitty Gift Box

Building Blocks Toy Box

Sweet Striped Fudge

Peppermint Snail

Peppermint Snail Gift Box

Peppermint Snow Racer

Minty Cookie Sandwich

Rosy Satin Guinea Pig
Promo Kinz

Rosy Satin Guinea Pig Gift Box

Satin Curtains

Silky Smooth Sorbet

Stache Dach

Stache Dach Gift Box

Mustache Mobile

Refined Root Beer

White Cosmic Bear

White Cosmic Bear Gift Box

Cosmic Couch

Far Out Fudge

December 2014

Gingerbread Elephant

Gingerbread Elephant Gift Box

Gingerbread Trunk

Gingerbread Pancakes

Peppermint Panda

Peppermint Panda Gift Box

Pretty Peppermint Swing

Candy Cane Chow Mein

Pink Iced Penguin

Pink Iced Penguin Giftbox

Sundae Station

Frosted Strawberry Pop

Polar Unicorn

Polar Unicorn Giftbox

Enchanting Winter Tower

Polarberry Pie

Wintermint Husky

Wintermint Husky Giftbox

Northern Nights Fireplace

Wild Mint Tea

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