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2016 Pets

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January 2016

African Chimpanzee

African Chimpanzee Gift Box

Totally Tangled Liana Swing

Fancy Fire Ants

Eskimo Dog

Eskimo Dog Gift Box

Hide N Seek Peek

Pickled Pollock Spinach Spatzle

Lovely Fox

Lovely Fox Gift Box

Leafy Treat Retreat

Berry Tasty Caterpillar Sorbet

Brilliant Tortoise

Brilliant Tortoise Gift Box

Sleek Sequin Vanity

Slow Cooked Lava Cake

Sweetheart Chipmunk

Sweetheart Chipmunk Gift Box

Lovely Log Bed

Hot Cinnamon Acorns

Upbeat Chic Owl

Upbeat Chic Owl Gift Box

Upbeat Chic Piano

Savory Seed Chowder

February 2016

Bullmastiff Puppy

Bullmastiff Puppy Gift Box

Ornate English Garden Gate

Bubble and Squeak Puppy Pie

Dusty Border Collie Puppy
Promo Kinz

Dusty Border Collie Puppy Gift Box

Green Leaf Trike

Ham & Cheese Pupwich

Hoppy Floppy Bunny

Hoppy Floppy Bunny Gift Box

Roaming Gloaming Go-Cart

First Blush Forb Broth

Polar Cub

Polar Cub Gift Box

Polar Bear Club Swimming Hole

White Chocolate Bark

Purple Dragonfly
Promo Kinz

Purple Dragonfly Gift Box

Sweet Blossom Bed

Silly Celery Snacks

Upbeat Chic Giraffe

Upbeat Chic Giraffe Gift Box

Long Necked Slide

Pesto Pasta

March 2016

Cuddle Cat

Cuddle Cat Gift Box

Treehouse Made for Two

Piquant Cod Canapes

Shiba Inu Dog

Shibu Inu Dog Gift Box

Shiba Inu Soaker

Yummy Yakitori

Lil Blue Spring Bunny

Lil Blue Spring Bunny Gift Box

Blue Toadstool Slide

Blue Raspberry Macaron

Lil Orange Spring Bunny

Lil Orange Spring Bunny Gift Box

Orange Toadstool Slide

Peach Macaron

Lil Purple Spring Bunny

Lil Purple Spring Bunny Gift Box

Purple Toadstool Slide

Honey Lavender Macaron

Olympus Phoenix

Olympus Phoenix Gift Box

Sunshine Stained Glass Window

Candied Orange

Wolf Pup
Promo Kinz

Wolf Pup Gift Box

Baby Carriage Bed

Mini Meatloaf

April 2016

Global Panda

Global Panda Gift Box

Mini Biodome

Blooming Algae Aioli

Salt and Pepper Dalmatian

Salt and Pepper Dalmatian Gift Box

Salt and Pepper Fridge

Pepper Pot Pie


Bumblebee Gift Box

Honeycomb Closet

Honey Smoothie

Olympus Pegasus

Olympus Pegasus Gift Box

Pegasus Palace Tower

Rainbow Sprinkle Meringue

May 2016

Cheetah Cub
Promo Kinz

Cheetah Cub Gift Box

Dino Rocker

Mini Meatball Sandwich

Countryside Hedgehog

Countryside Hedgehog Gift Box

Playful Country Hedge

Slug Sucker

Northern Trails Eagle
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Eagle Gift Box

Northern Trails Canoe Couch

Cod Casserole

Northern Trails Stag

Northern Trails Stag Gift Box

Hiker’s Rest Bench

Raspberry Rainwater Punch

Enchanted Giraffe

Enchanted Giraffe Gift Box

Sparkling Acacia Tree Fridge

Lovely Leaf Frittata

Silver Labrador

Silver Labrador Gift Box

Argent Armoire

Silver Spoon Souffle

June 2016

Cloud Lion

Cloud Lion Gift Box

Cloud Plane

Stratus Steak

Countryside Mouse

Countryside Mouse Gift Box

Country Garden Gazebo

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

Blue Bay Dolphin

Blue Bay Dolphin Gift Box

Brilliant Blue Bed

Sparkling Blueberry Tea

Choco Vanilla Pony

Choco Vanilla Pony Gift Box

Decadent Dessert Display

Chocolate Hayclair

July 2016

Blue Tang

Blue Tang Gift Box

Octopus Couch

Algae Apple Pie

Serenity Fairy Fox
Promo Kinz

Serenity Fairy Fox Gift Box

Serenity Cottage

Serenity Truffles

Tranquility Fairy Fox
Promo Kinz

Tranquility Fairy Fox Gift Box

Tranquility Cottage

Tranquility Truffles

Zebra Foal

Zebra Foal Gift Box

Zebra Toy Box

Oat Grass Porridge

Chocolate Milk Cow

Chocolate Milk Cow Gift Box

Chocolate Loft Barn Bed

Cocoa Butter Biscuits

Tuxedo Chihuahua

Tuxedo Chihuahua Gift Box

Fiesta Tiled Fountain

Elegant Enchilada

August 2016

Lion Cub

Lion Cub Gift Box

Wild Savannah Wardrobe

Roasted Riblets

Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon Gift Box

Asteroid Armchair

Orbital Ice Cream

Cinnamon Beagle

Cinnamon Beagle Gift Box

Soothing Scented Spa

Cinnabark Bites

Misty Koala

Misty Koala Gift Box

Eucalyptus Tree Perch

Lovely Eucalyptus Lasagna

September 2016

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Gift Box

Picnic Basket Car

Ham & Cheese Pinwheel


Firefly Gift Box

Twinkle Light Gazebo

Lightning Lemonade

Moonlight Wolf
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Wolf Gift Box

Moonlight Touring Roadster

Moonlight Casserole

Panda Cub
Promo Kinz

Panda Cub Gift Box

Serene Green Swing

Bamboo Ice Pop

Snow Leopard Cub
Promo Kinz

Snow Leopard Cub Gift Box

Playful Slide

Mini Goulash Dish

Long Haired Yorkie

Long Haired Yorkie Gift Box

Ornate Cedar Chest

Yorkshire Curd Tart

Sweet Spice Cat

Sweet Spice Cat Gift Box

Sweet Spice Shop

Perfect Poached Pears

October 2016

Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon Gift Box

Emerald Wizard Costume Box

Emerald Jewel Pop

Emerald Wizard Costume Tuxedo

Emerald Wizard Costume Hat

Emerald Wizard Costume Shoes


Gargowl Gift Box

Murky Fountain Perch

Barbecued Basalt Bugs

Vampire Bunny

Vampire Bunny Gift Box

Nightmare Tower

Blood Orange Elixir

Bloodhound Pup

Bloodhound Pup Gift Box

P.I. Pickup

P.I. Pie

Frosty Fawn

Frosty Fawn Gift Box

Frozen Cherry Blossom Tree

Frozen Cherry Blossoms

White Lion

White Lion Gift Box

Beaded Throne

Venison Stew

November 2016

Holly Fox

Holly Fox Gift Box

Holiday Hearts Bed

Festive Wreath Donut


Partridge Gift Box

Yuletide Pear Tree

Festive Tart

Sock Bear

Sock Bear Gift Box

Knitted Wardrobe

Hand Knit Hamburger

Sugar Plum Sparkle Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Sugar Plum Sparkle Pegasus Gift Box

Sugar Plum Piano

Layered Fruit Pop

Leopard Cub

Leopard Cub Gift Box

Treetop Cradle

Giraffy Taffy

Snow Cap Ferret

Snow Cap Ferret Gift Box

Cozy Snow Burrow Bed

Cinnabunny Creamsicle

December 2016

Blue Persian Kitten

Blue Persian Kitten Gift Box

Victorian Icebox Fridge

Mutton Cutlets

Rascally Raccoon

Rascally Raccoon Gift Box

Getaway Car

Off the Truck Tacos

Spaniel Pup

Spaniel Pup Gift Box

Table for Two

Mini Meatballs

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