(Picture Guide) 2023 Pets

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2023 Pets

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January 2023

Baby Raccoon

Baby Raccoon Gift Box

Winter Raccoon Ball Pit

Mini Meat Pie

Love Bear

Love Bear Gift Box

Love Bear Cottage

Valentine Pasta Plate

Signature Icy Summit Fox
Promo Kinz

Signature Icy Summit Fox Gift Box

Icy Snow Cone Cart[1]

Snow Dusted Waffle
  1. The Icy Snow Cone Cart gives one Summit Snow Cone a day

February 2023

Cheeky Cherry Hippo

Cheeky Cherry Hippo Gift Box

Cheeky Cherry Wardrobe

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Green Tabby
Promo Kinz

Green Tabby Gift Box

Green Stripes Bed

Shrimp Skillet

Sock Pig

Sock Pig Gift Box

Knitted Hot Air Balloon

Crocheted Corn Dog

March 2023

Promo Kinz

Bearcat Gift Box

Tall Tree Hammock

Fig Parfait

Perky Penguin

Perky Penguin Gift Box

Perky Penguin Sofa

Stuffed Sardine Sammy

Lil Orange Pony

Lil Orange Pony Gift Box

Orange Spring Carriage

Orange Pudding Cup

Lil Purple Pony

Lil Purple Pony Gift Box

Purple Spring Carriage

Purple Pudding Cup

Lil Yellow Pony

Lil Yellow Pony Gift Box

Yellow Spring Carriage

Yellow Pudding Cup

April 2023

Air Fawn

Air Fawn Gift Box

Steamy Sauna Bubble

Whipped Sky Soda

Chocolate Cow
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Cow Gift Box

Chocolate Egg Airplane

Brownie Ice Pop

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer Gift Box

Peaceful Stream

Pea Shoot Soup

Sweet Spring Guinea Pig

Sweet Spring Guinea Pig Gift Box

Spring Patio Hanging Bed

Quick Corn Salad

May 2023


Angelfish Gift Box

Underwater Ruins Slide

Squirm Sandwich

Aurora Fawn
Promo Kinz

Aurora Fawn Gift Box

Northern Lights Hot Air Balloon

Galaxy Macaron

Borzoi Puppy

Borzoi Puppy Gift Box

Neighborhood View Window

Pretzel Chew

French Bulldog (2023)

French Bulldog Gift Box

Parisian Croissant Oven[1]

  1. The Parisian Croissant Oven gives one Chocolate Croissant a day

June 2023


Kinkajou Gift Box

Pretty Palm Bed

Salted Honey Pie

Playful Purple Giraffe
Promo Kinz

Playful Purple Giraffe Gift Box

Perfect Purple Savanna Window

Salad Leaf Wraps

Raindrop Kitten

Raindrop Kitten Gift Box

Stormy Sofa

Cloud Steamed Buns

Rocky Mountain Horse

Rocky Mountain Horse Gift Box

Spired Stable

Apple Stack Cake

July 2023

Beanbag Bear

Beanbag Bear Gift Box

Fly 90s Staircase Slide

Fun Fruit Tape

Cattle Dog
Promo Kinz

Cattle Dog Gift Box

Homestead Tractor Bed

Boomerang Nuggets

Merry Mistletoe Goose

Merry Mistletoe Goose Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Bath

Holiday Hand Pie

August 2023

Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth Gift Box

Sleepy Sloth Wardrobe

Pineapple Fruit Salad

Blue Salamander

Blue Salamander Gift Box

Rocky Pond

Ladybug Pretzels

Peace Bear
Promo Kinz

Peace Bear Gift Box

Groovy Couch

Primo Popcorn

September 2023

Baby Bison

Baby Bison Gift Box

Southwestern Wardrobe

Oven Roasted Rice and Veggies

Lil Green Weremonster

Lil Green Weremonster Gift Box

Green Swamp Tree Hideout

Green Monster Burger

Lil Orange Weremonster

Lil Orange Weremonster Gift Box

Orange Swamp Tree Hideout

Orange Monster Burger

Lil Purple Weremonster

Lil Purple Weremonster Gift Box

Purple Swamp Tree Hideout

Purple Monster Burger

Moonlight Lion
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Lion Gift Box

Mystical Moonlight Cave Bed

Moonlight Paw Cookie

Twilight Lion
Promo Kinz

Twilight Lion Gift Box

Mystical Twilight Ridge

Moonbeam Dipped Donut

October 2023

Misty Wolf

Misty Wolf Gift Box

Spooky School Balcony

Haunted Pizza

White Wallaroo

White Wallaroo Gift Box

High Hops Trampoline

Grilled Peach Toast

November 2023

Bobtail Kitten

Bobtail Kitten Gift Box

Kitten Fishing Pond

Little Loaf

Green Snowy Puppy

Green Snowy Puppy Gift Box

Green Snowy Bath

Holiday Smoothie Bowl

Harvest Butterfly

Harvest Butterfly Gift Box

Fall Floral Spa

Cozy Citrus Tea and Cookies

Merry Mistletoe Bear
Promo Kinz

Merry Mistletoe Bear Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Fireplace

Mistletoe Milkshake

Teacup Yorkie (2023)

Teacup Yorkie Gift Box

Tea Party Buffet[1]

Teatime Scones
  1. The Tea Party Buffet gives one Fancy Biscuits a day

December 2023

Merry Mistletoe Bunny

Merry Mistletoe Bunny Gift Box

Merry Mistletoe Toy Box

Frosted Carrot Cake Cookies

Winter Otter
Promo Kinz

Winter Otter Gift Box

Frozen River Slide

Stuffed Clams

Winter Reindeer Pegasus

Winter Reindeer
Pegasus Gift Box

Icy Piano

Honey Latte

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