Webkinz X

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Webkinz X is a major update to Webkinz World that took place in 2015 for Webkinz World's 10th anniversary. It involved major changes to the game's user interface, as well as overhauling several features such as Daily KinzCare. It was announced on Webkinz Newz in May 2015[1] and was added to the game in July 2015.

User Interface

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The user interface before Webkinz X

Previously, Webkinz World had adopted a purple and yellow color scheme that was used around the site. The Dock was at the bottom of the screen, along with buttons for the KinzChat Cell Phone and the KinzPost Mailbox. A player's pets were just a small icon in the bottom left corner, and could not be seen in full detail. Following the update to Webkinz X, the user interface was completely changed. Webkinz World left the purple and yellow theming behind in favor of blue user elements, and moved certain elements (such as the player's KinzCash count) to the top of the screen. This left room to make pets more visible, showing the entire body instead of just a portrait.

Other interface elements were changed entirely, such as the Dock and the Things to Do menu. The dock's submenus can be accessed with tabs at the top instead of going through the drop-down menu that was present in the old dock. The Things to Do menu is now an entirely separate screen organized into a grid instead of a list. Each feature has a new icon that represents what it is, and educational features are denoted with an apple and book icon. Icons for the most commonly accessed features (My House, the Arcade and the WShop) are also accessible with icons next to the Things to Do button.

Family Score

Family Score is one of the major new features added with Webkinz X, and was the first feature to be teased when Webkinz X was announced. It replaces Daily KinzCare, giving players new and more dynamic ways to play with their pets. Pets will now ask the player to do tasks or play games, which will fill the pet's Pet Care Heart and increase the player's Family Score upon completion. The more Family Score a player has, the more prizes they will earn.


In Webkinz X, many items including TVs stopped working. That made users mad, and the glitches hadn't been fixed yet because GANZ has a very poor contact service.


  • X means 10 in roman. That could be the reason why GANZ chose the name Webkinz X (Webkinz 10).