Zingoz Zangoz

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Zingoz Zangoz is an Arcade game, introduced on February 14th, 2018 for Deluxe members.


The player uses their mouse or arrow keys to control two Zangoz holding a trampoline. The objective is to move them underneath the falling fruit to bounce it across the screen before the time runs out. Stars and bonuses can be caught for extra boosts, but the falling Wackies should be avoided. Watermelon Farm, Tropical Grove, and Apple Orchard are the three backgrounds through which the game cycles endlessly. This game is available on both desktop and mobile; it is not available in the Tournament Arena. Players get 1 KinzCash for every 6500 points.


Different fruits award different points.

Fruit Points Behavior

50 Single bounce

Apple (green or red)
65 Single bounce

200, 55 Double bounce

80 Single bounce

150 Lingers before single bounce, fake-out second bounce

300, 55 Double bounce: first bounce drops anywhere on screen, second in different area


  • Shield - Allows Wacky to hit the trampoline without ending the game; used up when Wacky hits the trampoline.
  • Extra Time - Adds a few seconds to the timer.
  • Star - Each star awards a flat 500 points, regardless of score multiplier. They do not count towards the timer or combo trackers.


Continue the combo streak by bouncing fruit without letting any drop to the ground to increase the score multiplier.

Number of fruit Multiplier
0-9 x1
10-19 x2
20-29 x3
30-39 x4
40-49 x5
50-59 x6


A Starfall will be invoked once 60 fruit have been bounced in a row, where the timer will be paused and 10-20 stars will fall; some fruits and Wackies will continue to fall as well. Maximize points by catching all the stars and bouncing all the fruit.

End Game

The game ends when Wacky breaks the trampoline or when time runs out before the player bounces the required number of fruits. There is a common glitch that causes the game to freeze after a Starfall, and the player has no choice but to force-quit the game.

A trophy is awarded when the player reaches 300,000 points for the first time. It is only obtainable once per account.

This game loops through a fruit sequence endlessly and has a hard score limit of 3,000,000. If a game exceeds this score, the score will not register and KinzCash will not be rewarded.