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this page contains my speculations on what local-ish landmarks to ganz hq in woodbridge, ontario might have inspired a webkinz thing - either as a deliberate reference, easter egg, or subconscious inspiration. this is all unverified torontoposting and none of it has been confirmed with ganz staff. it's in descending order of my conviction strength

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wonder mountain at canada's wonderland, vaughan, on mountain colour and shape, number of fountain streams, fountain function & colour, and shape of bridge all match. cw is close enough to ganz hq that the staff probably wear earplugs to block out the rollercoaster screams in the summer
don't rock the boat la grande hermine, lincoln, on "pirate ship" boat with apocryphal history, visible from the highway, is the most striking landmark in this small town
ttc subways, toronto, on seat and standing handle colours match. the ttc chimes are not a motif in the coolest thing is everything
casa loma, toronto, on; possibly boldt castle, alexandria, ny shape and colour match
the corran ruins & spiral staircase at spirit rock conservation area, wiarton, on shape of the spiral staircase, colour of the ruins?
allan gardens conservatory, toronto, on roof shape matches, colour does not
cinesphere at ontario place, toronto, on, but only in the winter