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how to search?

wpg has a vanilla global search function (top right of every page in desktop, top on mobile) but it's Not Good. if you're searching for a thing containing two or more words, wrap them in quotation marks "rain drop" else it'll show every page that contains any of the words in the query

alternatively, files are all standardly named as their in-game name, no spaces no caps. if you know the first few words in the item e.g. "rain drop", you can search for it among the files by typing in file:raindrop and the list of files that start with "raindrop" will show in the dropdown

What is the difference between the picture guide, item guide, and information and guides?

There are separate categories so users can easily find a page they’re looking for.

Picture guide: pictures of every item in Webkinz sorted by how the item was obtained/released

Item guide: list of every item with info on when it was released, when it was last available, and if it is tradeable, sorted by how the item was obtained/released.
They are the equivalent of the picture guide and WIGEV on WI, except we don’t provide trading “values”.

Information and guides: wiki pages for everything else in Webkinz (arcade games, characters, places, events, etc.)

why doesn't wpg have ____?

90% of the time the answer is bc we lack manpower, the rest is because it's impossible. if you want it, do it yourself and send it to us


report a problem if factual error, message "owner" of page if substantial, or

wcif plush?

plush pics at

wcif info on next, jr, or other ganz properties?

idk not here, our scope is just classic


webkinz picture guide has deliberately not included a list of priceless items. "priceless" has never had an official or objective metric, it's only been determined by community consensus, which makes it way out of scope of a fanwiki

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Why is the Visual Master List not all on one page?

About 13k loaded on one page when I tried that, but it's different for each computer I think. Also, there's probably a max amount the wiki itself can handle. user:gifted9/autowikibrowser/all items and user:gifted9/autowikibrowser/all items2 have plaintext transclusions.

Where can I find old info?

Webkinz Insider

Webkinz Town

Gymbo's Webkinz Blog

I deleted my prior uploads to replace them with new uploads, but it just reverts back to the old version!

You likely need to clear your cache.

Is there a consensus on references?

I believe what we were doing in terms of consistency is there should be references explaining how you got the item if it was different than the original release. For example, if a Fall Fest item is released in 2020 and comes back via floating leaves in 2021, there would be no reference. However, if it comes back via the baby monkey in the clubhouse, a reference would be added. We haven't been putting primary sources, but maybe we should.

Are there any bots active or common scripts?

user:gifted9/autowikibrowser user:boper911/autohotkey downloading and uploading

What is the standard formatting for picture uploads?

Items: name of the item starting with a capital and no spaces (e.g. Apple Pie Bed would be Applepiebed)

Pets: name of the pet starting with a capital and no spaces, ending with avatar (e.g. Cow would be Cowavatar)

With practically everything else, formatting seems to vary. For duplicate files, you should put the year before the rest of the information (e.g. 2021elephant).

What is the scope of Webkinz Picture Guide?

Add away! Michele's goal when creating the wiki was to make a resource as expansive as the one on Webkinz Insider, with much of the info coming from there.

Should we be citing our sources, where our information is coming from?

If nothing about the aspect of the game has changed since the Webkinz Insider wiki article was created, it's not a problem to copy the entire thing. Legally, it's copyleft so Michele isn't gonna get sued, and morally, we would be reviving inaccessible information. For guides that weren't written for a wiki, you probably should check with the author of said guide. For long-standing game features like gem hunt or star challenge, it's more likely than not that guides circulating now are either sourced from or a copy of an article on the WI wiki, which would make it free game. Checking is more important for something subjective, like a user-made room preview of a theme or a particular user's strategy for an open-ended game.

I'm getting a login error.

Try clearing your cookies.

Should anything posted on Webkinz Newz be safe to post, or should I still wait for the day of release?

If it’s on WKN, it’s safe to post.


I've noticed a common mistake in alphabetization that I've occasionally corrected. An example of that would be putting golden before gold. The shorter word, like gold, should always come first.

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