Wishing Well 1

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Wishing Well 1 was a game that could be played in the Arcade. It was introduced on an unknown date, and allegedly retired on July 12, 2007, being replaced by Wishing Well 2 on the same day. Though no reason was given, it's speculated that it was removed due to how much it resembled the appearance of slot machines, which is tied to the encouragement of gambling.


"The way it works is like this; you press roll to start the icons rolling. When the rolling stops, you can see which icons appear on the screen. If you get two or more of the same icons next to each other in a horizontal row, you will earn KinzCash. Diagonal and vertical rows don't count. The magic W counts as a wild card. The Wishing Well icon is worth KinzCash on its own. To find out more details about how Wishing Well works, please check out the instructions page in the game. Please note that any KinzCash earned is automatically added, so you will not see the amount change when you finish playing."