Alex Tiger

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Alex Tiger is a member of the Kinz Crew and a student at the Kinzville Academy who appears in several W-Tales Books. He is 10 years old.


In an older WKN post, he is described as: "Alex is quite interested in science, bugs, and reading. He’s quiet and shy, except around his friends. His best friend, April, is his complete opposite. She’s always trying to bring Alex out of his shell. Alex attends fourth grade at the Kinzville Academy and, with April’s recent move across town has become closer with fellow Kinz Club member, Sparky."

In "Alex the Brave", he is described as a very shy Tiger who becomes friends with April Monkey and does not wish to go to school. His mother drives him to school anyways and he is bullied by his class for being bad at everything. He is sent to the Ms. Cowoline's office and she proves to him that he is good at games, like Capture the Flag (by being sneaky), Trivia (by being knowledgeable) and the Name Game. At the end of the story, he becomes friends with Frank Googles.


Alex is currently one of the hosts in the Adventure Park. He is also mentioned in the following books: