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Dogbeard's Portrait.

Dogbeard is the host of the Tournament Arena game, Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles. He sails out of Kinzville Harbor, over the Five Seas, and past the Deep Sea Trench. Dogbeard has found three treasures so far.

He has a sister named Laurabeard.


He is described by Ganz as follows: "Dogbeard is Webkinz World’s toughest pirate…or so he tells his mom. Dogbeard is the captain of the SS Pugsley. With an adventurous spirit and the unending desire to be well-known and well-respected, Dogbeard’s a strong, brave leader. In fact, only one individual has ever been able to push his buttons: his little sister Laurabeard."


Dogbeard can be found in the following books:

  • W Tales Book: Dogbeard's Treasure


Dogbeard appears...