Pirate Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Below Decks Wallpaper

Buried Treasure Toy Box

Captain Dogbeard's Sleeper

Captain's Dining Chair

Captain's Dubloon Dresser

Captain's Quarters Flooring

Corsair Cannon

Crow's Nest Mast

Davy Jones' Locker

Dogbeard's Best Side Table

Dogbeard's Dining Table

Dogbeard's Portrait

Dogbeard's Treasure Map

Foggy Night Pirate Lamp

Hidden Bounty Barrel Dresser

Jolly Roger Coffee Table

Navigator's Desk

On Deck Pirate Flooring

On Deck Pirate Wallpaper

Pirate Flag

Pirate's Rub-a-Dub Bathtub

Pirate Ship's Wheel

Riches & Spoils Pedestal

Sharkbait Rowboat Sofa

Miscellaneous Items

Pirate's Treasure[1]

  1. Available only from 2017 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Below Decks Wallpaper KC
Buried Treasure Toy Box 325 KC
Captain Dogbeard's Sleeper 950 KC
Captain's Dining Chair 225 KC
Captain's Dubloon Dresser 500 KC
Captain's Quarters Flooring KC
Corsair Cannon 400 KC
Crow's Nest Mast 425 KC
Davy Jones' Locker 725 KC
Dogbeard's Best Side Table 120 KC
Dogbeard's Dining Table 650 KC
Dogbeard's Portrait 350 KC
Dogbeard's Treasure Map 325 KC
Foggy Night Pirate Lamp 125 KC
Hidden Bounty Barrel Dresser 365 KC
Jolly Roger Coffee Table 275 KC
Navigator's Desk 475 KC
On Deck Pirate Flooring 150 KC
On Deck Pirate Wallpaper 175 KC
Pirate Flag 110 KC
Pirate's Rub-a-Dub Washtub 995 KC
Pirate Ship's Wheel 525 KC
Riches & Spoils Pedestal 215 KC
Sharkbait Rowboat Sofa 750 KC