Ballerina Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Ballerina Bed

Ballerina Bookcase

Ballerina Dresser

Ballerina Piano

Ballerina Poster - Bear

Ballerina Side Table

Ballerina Sofa

Ballerina Television

Ballerina Toy Box

Ballerina Wall Mirror

Ballerina Wallpaper

Ballet Chair

Ballet Coffee Table

Ballet Dining Table

Ballet Lamp

Ballet Study Desk

Ballet Swan Floor Lamp

Ballet Vanity Chair

Ballet Vanity Table

Golden Hardwood Flooring

Swan Chest of Drawers

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Ballerina Bed 900 KC
Ballerina Bookcase 400 KC
Ballerina Dresser 550 KC
Ballerina Piano 1000 KC
Ballerina Poster - Bear 50 KC
Ballerina Side Table 80 KC
Ballerina Sofa 800 KC
Ballerina Television 765 KC
Ballerina Toy Box 150 KC
Ballerina Wall Mirror 195 KC
Ballerina Wallpaper 100 KC
Ballet Chair 100 KC
Ballet Coffee Table 300 KC
Ballet Dining Table 300 KC
Ballet Lamp 90 KC
Ballet Study Desk 225 KC
Ballet Swan Floor Lamp 120 KC
Ballet Vanity Chair 65 KC
Ballet Vanity Table 350 KC
Golden Hardwood Flooring 100 KC
Swan Chest of Drawers 600 KC