Diner Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Checkered Counter

Chrome-edged Booth Table

Chrome-edged Square Table

Classic Diner Clock

Classic Fifties Poster

Delicious Drinks Refreshment Cooler

Diner Booth Seat

Diner Wallpaper

Diner Window

Greasy Grill

Jumpin' Jukebox

V Back Chair

V Back Stool

Miscellaneous Items

Diner Cash Register[1]

Diner Dishwasher[2]

Diner Place Setting[3]
  1. This item was available as an August 2023 WShop Challenge prize
  2. Available only from the September 2017 Deluxe Challenge
  3. Available only from 2017 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Checkered Counter 200 KC
Chrome-edged Booth Table 300 KC
Chrome-edged Square Table 175 KC
Classic Diner Clock 75 KC
Classic Fifties Poster 100 KC
Delicious Drinks Refreshment Cooler 750 KC
Diner Booth Seat 750 KC
Diner Wallpaper 100 KC
Diner Window 350 KC
Greasy Grill 4,400 KC
Jumpin' Jukebox 4,500 KC
V Back Chair 150 KC
V Back Stool 200 KC