Pop Star Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Dazzling Diva Vanity

Groovy Tambourine Chair

Just Cookin' Pop Star Stove

Pop Speakers Fridge

Pop Star Bed

Pop Star Flooring

Pop Star Sandwich Maker

Pop Star Wallpaper

Posh Purple Wardrobe

Rising Star Trophy Pedestal

Simply Stunning Dining Table

Superstar Poster

Superstar Spot Light

Top of the Charts TV

Trendsetter Coffee Table

Vivid Violet Armchair

Vivid Violet Couch

Miscellaneous Items

Pop Star Microphone[1]

Pop Star Keyboard[2]
  1. Available from 2017 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe
  2. Available from the July WShop Challenge

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Dazzling Diva Vanity 625 KC
Groovy Tambourine Chair 200 KC
Just Cookin' Pop Star Stove 675 KC
Pop Speakers Fridge 725 KC
Pop Star Bed 950 KC
Pop Star Flooring 100 KC
Pop Star Sandwich Maker 200 KC
Pop Star Wallpaper 100 KC
Posh Purple Wardrobe 750 KC
Rising Star Trophy Pedestal 140 KC
Simply Stunning Dining Table 500 KC
Superstar Poster 100 KC
Superstar Spot Light 185 KC
Top of the Charts TV 925 KC
Trendsetter Coffee Table 400 KC
Vivid Violet Armchair 400 KC
Vivid Violet Couch 900 KC