Rockerz Theme

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Theme Preview

Backstage Pass Items

Crazy Crowd Sound Effect Machine

Groupie Face Stickers[1]

Main Stage Mic

Rock Stadium Flooring

Rock Stadium Wallpaper

Rockerz Electric Guitar

Souvenir Poster

Souvenir T-Shirt

Stadium Security Headset[2]

Stage Light Lamp

Studio Headphones

Touring Trunk

Webkinz Paws of Fame

Wireless Headset
  1. Retired November 2013
  2. Retired February 2013

VIP Pass Items

Bass Case Closet[1]

Fog Machine

High Heel Piano

Keyboard Raised Stage

Laser Light Show

Lighting Backdrop

Rising Platform

Rockin' Diner Booth

Rockerz Fireworks

Rockin' Diner Table

Stadium Soundboard

Stadium Speakers

T-Shirt Stand

VIP Tour Bus[2]

  1. Retired February 2013
  2. Retired November 2013

eStore Items

Rockerz Festival Stage

Miscellaneous Items

Rockerz Backstage Run Trophy[1]

Rockerz Fountain[2]

Rockerz Red Carpet[3]

Rockerz Ticket Booth[4]

Rockerz Visor[5]

Webkinz Rockerz Limo[6]

Webkinz Rockerz Cat Plush Toy[7]

Webkinz Rockerz Cow Plush Toy[8]

Webkinz Rockerz Lion Plush Toy[9]
  1. Available only from a score of greater than 4,000 points in the Rockerz Backstage Dash limited run game in 2012
  2. Available only from Webkinz Day Year 10 Year 7 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
  3. Available only from Ganz Road Trip code and the June 2015 Deluxe Challenge
  4. Available only from the Webkinz Friends App
  5. Available only from KinzStyle Outlet
  6. Available only from the Webkinz Friends App in January 2013 and the December 2014 Christmas Super Wheel
  7. Available only from the Wheel of WOW
  8. Available only as a 2023 SantaKinz choice item
  9. Available only from the Webkinz Friends App and the June 2015 Deluxe Challenge

Theme Pets

Rockerz Bulldog

Rockerz Bulldog Gift Box

Rockin' Drum Set

Mosh Pitatoes

Rockerz Bulldog Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Punk Leather Jacket

Rockerz Punk Pants

Rockerz Black Stomping Boots

Rockerz Bunny

Rockerz Bunny Gift Box

Boom Box Bed

Microphone Snow Cone

Rockerz Bunny Concert Clothing Case

Hip Hop Hat

Hip Hop Hoodie

Hip Hop Sneakers

Rockerz Cat

Rockerz Cat Gift Box

Dressing Room Vanity

Funky Fish Sticks

Rockerz Cat Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Superstar Sunglasses

Rockerz Superstar Top

Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt

Rockerz Canvas Shoes

Rockerz Cow

Rockerz Cow Gift Box

Groovy Solo Stage

Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies

Rockerz Cow Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Braided Headband

Rockerz Flower Power Dress

Rockerz Flower Power Sandals

Rockerz Coyote

Rockerz Coyote Gift Box

Rockin' Radio Interview Station

Acoustic Angel Cheesecake

Rockerz Coyote Clothing Case

Country Sweetheart Hat

Folk Singer Boho Dress

Southern Romance Boots

Rockerz Dog

Rockerz Dog Gift Box

Reggae DJ Booth

Spicy Chicken and Rice

Rockerz Dog Concert Clothing Case

Reggae Hat

Reggae DJ Top

Island Flip Flops

Rockerz Fox

Rockerz Fox Gift Box

Autograph Signing Station

Foxy Falafels

Rockerz Fox Concert Clothing Case

Gold Chain Shades

Zipper Denim Vest

Black Ripped Jeans

Rockerz Horse

Rockerz Horse Gift Box

Country Banjo Stage

Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler

Rockerz Horse Concert Clothing Case

White Cowboy Hat

White Tassel Leather Vest

White Tassel Cowboy Boots

Rockerz Leopard

Rockerz Leopard Gift Box

Webkinz Rockerz Name In Lights

Groupie Grouper Sandwich

Rockerz Leopard Clothing Case

Red Rocking Bandana

Red Leather Pants

Rockin' White Sneakers

Rockerz Lion

Rockerz Lion Gift Box

Shock Rock Stage Flare

Heavy Metal Meatballs

Rockerz Lion Concert Clothing Case

Rockerz Headbanging Bandanna

Rockerz Purple Stomping Boots

Rockerz Leather Jacket

Rockerz Monkey

Rockerz Monkey Gift Box

Punk Stunt Stage

Hardcore Hoagie

Rockerz Monkey Concert Clothing Case

Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket

Red Plaid Pants

High Boots

Rockerz Papillon Dog

Rockerz Papillon Dog Gift Box

Rockin' Recording Booth

Pop Soda

Rockerz Papillon Dog Concert Clothing Case

Pink Frame Sunglasses

Black Tutu Dress

Black High Heel Boots

Rockerz Poodle

Rockerz Poodle Gift Box

Disco Dance Floor

Disco Ball Cereal

Rockerz Poodle Concert Clothing Case

Funky White Hat

Groovy Disco Jacket

Groovy Bellbottom Leather Pants

Rockerz Puppy

Rockerz Puppy Gift Box

Heartthrob Performance Platform

Backstage Burger

Rockerz Puppy Concert Clothing Case

Purple Ball Cap

White Bubble Vest with Purple Hoodie

White Skinny Jeans

Purple High Cut Sneakers

Rockerz Raccoon

Rockerz Raccoon Gift Box

Pyro Performance Stage

Purple Velvet Glam Cakes

Rockerz Raccoon Clothing Case

Glam Rock Face Sticker

Glam Rock Jumpsuit

Glam Rock Platform Boots

Rockerz Zebra

Rockerz Zebra Gift Box

Rock Star Backstage Wardrobe

Performer Fruit Punch

Rockerz Zebra Concert Clothing Case

Rockin’ Red Hood

Red Hood

Shining Red Tutu

Dance Practice Shoes

Item List and Information

Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Rockerz Festival Stage Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Rockerz Pets Backstage Pass Regular: 2,500 Deluxe: 2.500