Year 10 Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

10 Shining Years Lamp

10 Treasured Years Toybox

10 Year Celebration Sink

10 Years and Counting Counter

10 Years of Dreams Bed

10 Years of Entertainment TV

10 Years of Wonder Window

10th Anniversary Armchair

10th Anniversary Couch

Decadent Delights Fridge

Decadent Dining Chair

Decadent Dining Table

Tenacious Coffee Table

Tenacious Side Table

Tender Treats Stove

Webkinz 10 Flooring

Webkinz 10 Framed Poster

Webkinz 10 Rug

Webkinz 10 Wallpaper

2015 Pretty Tinsel Cracker Items

Webkinz 10 King Crown

Webkinz 10 King Suit

Webkinz 10 King Loafers

Webkinz 10 Queen Crown

Webkinz 10 Queen Gown

Webkinz 10 Queen Slippers

Webkinz Day Year 10 Gift Box Items

Webkinz Day Year 10 Divider

Webkinz Day Year 10 Group Print

Webkinz Day Year 10 Jacket

Webkinz Day Year 10 Poster

Webkinz Day Year 10 Trampoline

Webkinz Day Year 10 Trophy

Webkinz Day Year 10 Wardrobe

Miscellaneous Items

Year 10 Bunk Bed[1]
  1. Available only from the 2015 Heart Collection Event

Theme Pets

10 Year Magic W Pup

10 Year Magic W Pup Gift Box

10 Year Magic W Pup Bonus Gift Box

Magic W Ice Pop

Happy Ten Years Bed

Happy Ten Years Flooring

Happy Ten Years Wallpaper

Decade Dragon

Decade Dragon Gift Box

Milestone Throne

Decadent Cupcake

10 Year Magic W Cat

10 Year Magic W Cat Gift Box

Happy 10 Year Wardrobe

Webkinz 10 Crunchies

Item List and Information

Name Cost
10 Shining Years Lamp 350 KC
10 Treasured Years Toybox 570 KC
10 Year Celebration Sink 515 KC
10 Years and Counting Counter 400 KC
10 Years of Dreams Bed 800 KC
10 Years of Entertainment TV 1,000 KC
10 Years of Wonder Window 320 KC
10th Anniversary Armchair 700 KC
10th Anniversary Couch 950 KC
Decadent Delights Fridge 620 KC
Decadent Dining Chair 400 KC
Decadent Dining Table 720 KC
Tenacious Coffee Table 630 KC
Tenacious Side Table 480 KC
Tender Treats Stove 800 KC
Webkinz 10 Flooring 350 KC
Webkinz 10 Framed Poster 330 KC
Webkinz 10 Rug 300 KC
Webkinz 10 Wallpaper 350 KC