Haunted House Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

All Hallows' Stove

Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker

Bone Chilling Fridge

Chilling Lanterns Lamp

Coffee Table Tomb

Cold Flames Cauldron

Creepy Bed

Creepy Closet

Creepy Cursed Chair

Creepy Ghostfather Clock

Crystal Advisor Ball

Cursed Cradle

Freaky Full Moon Window

Frightening Fireplace

Frightening Lightning Window

Gargoyle Book Shelf

Gargoyle Chair

Gargoyle Desk

Gargoyle Lamp

Gargoyle Sofa

Ghastly Grave

Ghostly Urn

Giant Spider Dining Table

Giant Spider Web

Gothic Window

Green Mysterious Ooze Chest

Green Ooze Puddle

Haunted Creatures Flooring

Haunted Dungeon Gate

Haunted House Flooring

Haunted House Table

Haunted House Wallpaper

Haunted House Walls

Haunted Organ

Haunted Refrigerator

Haunted Toilet

Horrifying Halloween Flooring

Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper

Jack O'Chair

Jack O'Lantern Candelabra

Jack O'Lantern Wall Sticker

Jack-o-Side Table

Mad Scientist Workstation

Mausoleum Television

Monster Claws Door

Monster's Lair Gate

Phantom Trophy Pedestal

Purple Pumpkin Chair

Purple Pumpkin Dining Table

Rickety Rotten Staircase

Scary Specter Wall Sticker

Slimy Shower

Slimy Sink

Spider's Web Window

Spider Webbed Bookshelf

Spiderweb Hammock

Spooky Cobweb Bed

Spooky Spider Web

Super Scary Stove

Terrifying Torch

Tombstone Chair

Witch's Banquet Place Setting

Witch's Brew Stove

eStore Items

Creature Closet

Fear Filled Fridge

Ghostly Grand Piano

Haunting Breeze Scarecrow

Nightmare Stairs

Item List and Information

Name Cost
All Hallows' Stove 1,150 KC
Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker 113 KC
Bone Chilling Fridge 750 KC
Chilling Lanterns Lamp 1,000 KC
Coffee Table Tomb 275 KC
Cold Flames Cauldron 1,300 KC
Creepy Bed 850 KC
Creepy Closet 720 KC
Creepy Cursed Chair 250 KC
Creepy Ghostfather Clock 900 KC
Crystal Advisor Ball 250 KC
Cursed Cradle 1,313 KC
Freaky Full Moon Window 350 KC
Frightening Fireplace 1,133 KC
Frightening Lightning Window 700 KC
Gargoyle Book Shelf 535 KC
Gargoyle Chair 200 KC
Gargoyle Desk 350 KC
Gargoyle Lamp 100 KC
Gargoyle Sofa 625 KC
Ghastly Grave 1,013 KC
Ghostly Urn 150 KC
Giant Spider Dining Table 500 KC
Giant Spider Web 150 KC
Gothic Window 300 KC
Green Ooze Puddle 95 KC
Haunted Creatures Flooring 250 KC
Haunted Dungeon Gate 1,800 KC
Haunted House Flooring 125 KC
Haunted House Table 1,150 KC
Haunted House Wallpaper 125 KC
Haunted House Walls 225 KC
Haunted Organ 1,500 KC
Haunted Refrigerator 575 KC
Haunted Toilet 620 KC
Horrifying Halloween Flooring 350 KC
Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper 350 KC
Jack O'Chair 220 KC
Jack O'Lantern Candelabra 285 KC
Jack O'Lantern Wall Sticker 113 KC
Jack-o-Side Table 161 KC
Mad Scientist Workstation 1,313 KC
Mausoleum Television 900 KC
Monster Claws Door 1,331 KC
Monster's Lair Gate 450 KC
Mysterious Ooze Chest 700 KC
Phantom Trophy Pedestal 200 KC
Purple Pumpkin Chair 395 KC
Purple Pumpkin Dining Table 786 KC
Rickety Rotten Staircase 966 KC
Scary Specter Wall Sticker 113 KC
Slimy Shower 850 KC
Slimy Sink 750 KC
Spider's Web Window 300 KC
Spider Webbed Bookshelf 666 KC
Spiderweb Hammock 720 KC
Spooky Cobweb Bed 1,376 KC
Spooky Spider Web 300 KC
Super Scary Stove 1,031 KC
Terrifying Torch 390 KC
Tombstone Chair 225 KC
Witch's Banquet Place Setting 125 KC
Witch's Brew Stove 750 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Creature Closet Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Fear Filled Fridge Regular: 6,000 Deluxe: 5,000
Ghostly Grand Piano Regular: 8,000 Deluxe: 6,500
Haunting Breeze Scarecrow Regular: 8,000 Deluxe: 6,500
Nightmare Stairs Regular: Deluxe: