Glampire Theme

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Theme Preview

Credits to Michellekinz on reddit

Theme Items

These items are only available at the WShop on Webkinz Next and are transferable to Classic.

Glampire Bookshelf

Glampire Cafe Table

Glampire Candelabra

Glampire Chair

Glampire Coffee Table

Glampire Desk

Glampire Drawers

Glampire Flooring

Glampire Locker

Glampire Mirror

Glampire Ornate Fireplace

Glampire Pipe Organ

Glampire Potion Set

Glampire Rug

Glampire Side Table

Glampire Sofa

Glampire Stained Glass Window

Glampire Table Lamp

Glampire Wallpaper

Misc Items

Glampire Bed[1]

Glampire Doll[2]

  1. This item was available by completing 2021 Trick or Treat event in Webkinz Classic
  2. This item was available on the Wheel of WOW in Webkinz Next

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Glampire Bookshelf 750 KC
Glampire Cafe Table 600 KC
Glampire Candelabra 150 KC
Glampire Chair 380 KC
Glampire Coffee Table 700 KC
Glampire Desk 750 KC
Glampire Drawers 550 KC
Glampire Flooring 350 KC
Glampire Locker 600 KC
Glampire Mirror 250 KC
Glampire Ornate Fireplace 1,400 KC
Glampire Pipe Organ 2,500 KC
Glampire Potion Set 50 KC
Glampire Rug 340 KC
Glampire Side Table 330 KC
Glampire Sofa 400 KC
Glampire Stained Glass Window 500 KC
Glampire Table Lamp 325 KC
Glampire Wallpaper 400 KC