Movie Magic Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Cinema Ribbon Divider

Concession Stand Back Counter

Concession Stand Front Counter

Condiment Stand

Dex Dangerous Standee

Film Strip Rug

Movie Magic Flooring

Movie Magic Wallpaper

Movie Poster Set

Movie Theater Armchair

Movie Theater Lamp

Movie Theater Row Seating

Ticket Booth

Usher Statue

Miscellaneous Items

Colossal Movie Screen[1]

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Cap[2]

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Pants[2]

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Top[2]

Ticket Window[3]

  1. Available only from the Curio Shop
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Available only as a prize from SPREE!
  3. Available only from 2018 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Cinema Ribbon Divider 180 KC
Colossal Movie Screen 40,000 KC
Concession Stand Back Counter 1,800 KC
Concession Stand Front Counter 1,700 KC
Condiment Stand 1,000 KC
Dex Dangerous Standee 375 KC
Film Strip Rug 115 KC
Movie Magic Flooring 190 KC
Movie Magic Wallpaper 250 KC
Movie Poster Set 260 KC
Movie Theater Armchair 325 KC
Movie Theater Lamp 180 KC
Movie Theater Row Seating 1,025 KC
Ticket Booth 1,100 KC
Usher Statue 300 KC