CampKinz Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

CampKinz Activity Board

CampKinz Archery Range

CampKinz BBQ Grill

CampKinz Cabin Flooring

CampKinz Cabin Wallpaper

CampKinz Cooler

CampKinz Cot

CampKinz Curvy Trail

CampKinz Dead End Trail

CampKinz Exploration Tile

CampKinz First Aid Kit

CampKinz Fishing Chair

CampKinz Flag Pole

CampKinz Lantern

CampKinz Marshmallow Pit

CampKinz Nature Trail

CampKinz Outdoor Kitchen Set

CampKinz Picnic Bench

CampKinz Picnic Table

CampKinz Water Raft

eStore Items

Blue CampKinz Platform Tent

Camping Boots

Camping Firepit

Camping Outfit

CampKinz Canoe Paddles

Collection Event Items

2012 Marshmallow

CampKinz Platform Tent

2013 Marshmallow

CampKinz Backpack

CampKinz Pool

CampKinz S'mores Station

2014 Marshmallow

CampKinz Counselor Outfit

CampKinz Lantern Tree

CampKinz Library Bookshelf

Canoe Couch

2023 Marshmallow

CampKinz Crafts Table

CampKinz Dining Hall

CampKinz Fishing Poles

CampKinz Life Jacket

CampKinz Outhouse

Community Code Items

CampKinz Counselor Hat

CampKinz Counselor Shoes

Deluxe Challenge Items

CampKinz Bunk Bed
June 2018

CampKinz Cabin
August 2019

CampKinz Couch
July 2015

CampKinz Infirmary
August 2022

CampKinz Tent
July 2016

Webkinz Newz Items

CampKinz Picnic Blanket

CampKinz Pup Tent

CampKinz Sleeping Bag

Letters from Camp

Miscellaneous Items

CampKinz Lake Tile[1]

CampKinz Sign Swing[2]

Camp Kinz T-Shirt[3]

Pink CampKinz Platform Tent[4]
  1. Available only from 2017 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe
  2. Available only from 2013 Summer Sensation
  3. Available only as a Host Gift from Arte Fact and the CampKinz Cookout Challenge
  4. Available only as a prize for owning the Summer Beaver Pet of the Month on July 31, 2017

Item List and Information

Name Cost
CampKinz Activity Board 275 KC
CampKinz Archery Range 325 KC
CampKinz BBQ Grill 630 KC
CampKinz Cabin Flooring 150 KC
CampKinz Cabin Wallpaper 150 KC
CampKinz Cooler 450 KC
CampKinz Cot 545 KC
CampKinz Curvy Trail 150 KC
CampKinz Dead End Trail 125 KC
CampKinz Exploration Tile 250 KC
CampKinz First Aid Kit 150 KC
CampKinz Fishing Chair 640 KC
CampKinz Flag Pole 225 KC
CampKinz Lantern 135 KC
CampKinz Marshmallow Pit 550 KC
CampKinz Nature Trail 150 KC
CampKinz Outdoor Kitchen Set 685 KC
CampKinz Picnic Bench 280 KC
CampKinz Picnic Table 600 KC
CampKinz Water Raft 1,235 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Blue CampKinz Platform Tent Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Camping Boots Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,500
Camping Firepit Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Camping Outfit Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
CampKinz Canoe Paddles Regular: 1,500 Deluxe: 750