Blue Skies Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Blue Skies Bed

Blue Skies Counter

Blue Skies Counter with Drawers

Blue Skies Dining Table

Blue Skies Kitchen Sink

Blue Skies Wallpaper

Blustery Day Vanity

Cloud Chair

Cloud Couch

Cloudy Day Dresser

Cool Breeze Fridge

Daydreamer's Stool

Flying High Lamp

Head in the Clouds Desk

Pie in the Sky Stove

Sky Blue Book Box

Sky High Dresser


Windy Day Coffee Table

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Blue Skies Bed 450 KC
Blue Skies Counter 150 KC
Blue Skies Counter with Drawers 170 KC
Blue Skies Dining Table 350 KC
Blue Skies Kitchen Sink 250 KC
Blue Sky Wallpaper 100 KC
Blustery Day Vanity 400 KC
Cloud Chair 65 KC
Cloud Couch 400 KC
Cloudy Day Dresser 275 KC
Cool Breeze Fridge 475 KC
Daydreamer's Stool 50 KC
Flying High Lamp 95 KC
Head in the Clouds Desk 200 KC
Pie in the Sky Stove 500 KC
Sky Blue Book Box 95 KC
Sky High Dresser 200 KC
Sky-Vision 475 KC
Windy Day Coffee Table 150 KC