Dance Studio Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Dance Recital Chair

Dance Studio Flooring

Dance Studio Locker

Dance Studio Long Mirror

Dance Studio Wallpaper

Dancer's Stretching Bar

Drop the Beat Stereo

Dynamic Dancer's Duffel

Fancy Footwork Rug

Music Note Wall Charm

Prima Ballerina Trophy Case

Studio Mirror with Stretching Bar

Studio Room Divider

Two Right Paws Poster

Misc. Items

Dance Studio Dressing Room[1]

  1. Available from the March WShop Challenge

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Dance Recital Chair 85 KC
Dance Studio Flooring 250 KC
Dance Studio Locker 600 KC
Dance Studio Long Mirror 250 KC
Dance Studio Wallpaper 250 KC
Dancer's Stretching Bar 350 KC
Drop the Beat Stereo 275 KC
Dynamic Dancer's Duffel 175 KC
Fancy Footwork Rug 220 KC
Music Note Wall Charm 150 KC
Prima Ballerina Trophy Case 775 KC
Studio Mirror with Stretching Bar 450 KC
Studio Room Divider 410 KC
Two Right Paws Poster 50 KC