Sweet 16 Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Book Nook Sofa

Cheeseburger Lounger

Crazy Day Cork Board

Funky Lamp

Hamburger Lounger

Happy Lime Hamper

Kinzville Wall Art

Lavender Loft Bed

Lemon Lime Shag Rug

Sweet 16 Flooring

Sweet 16 Shelves

Sweet 16 Wallpaper

Sweet 16 Window

Sweet Cab Couch

Sweet Pop Art Painting

Sweet Screen TV

Swiveling Study Seat

Misc. Items

Book Nook Bed

Book Nook Loft[1]

Sweet 16 Bookshelf[2]

  1. This item was a November 2021 Deluxe Monthly Challenge prize
  2. Available only from 2017 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Book Nook Sofa 550 KC
Cheeseburger Lounger 400 KC
Crazy Day Cork Board 400 KC
Funky Lamp 600 KC
Hamburger Lounger 400 KC
Happy Lime Hamper 200 KC
Kinzville Wall Art 180 KC
Lavender Loft Bed 680 KC
Lemon Lime Shag Rug 200 KC
Sweet 16 Flooring 350 KC
Sweet 16 Shelves 800 KC
Sweet 16 Wallpaper 350 KC
Sweet 16 Window 300 KC
Sweet Cab Couch 500 KC
Sweet Pop Art Painting 280 KC
Sweet Screen TV 800 KC
Swiveling Study Seat 420 KC