Dino Days Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Ankylosaurus Coffee Table

Brontosaurus Rug

Dino Beanbag Chair

Dinosaur Dreams Bed

Diplodocus Dresser

Hadrosaurus Standing Lamp

Pterodactyl Wall Art

Spinosaurus Divider

Stegosaurus Sofa

T-Rex Bookshelf

Triceratops Toy Box

Velociraptor Side Table

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Ankylosaurus Coffee Table 425 KC
Brontosaurus Rug 375 KC
Dino Beanbag Chair 200 KC
Dinosaur Dreams Bed 750 KC
Diplodocus Dresser 550 KC
Hadrosaurus Standing Lamp 225 KC
Pterodactyl Wall Art 250 KC
Spinosaurus Divider 475 KC
Stegosaurus Sofa 625 KC
T-Rex Bookshelf 385 KC
Triceratops Toy Box 400 KC
Velociraptor Side Table 335 KC