Lily Pad Theme

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Theme History

The Lily Pad Theme was one of the original WShop themes in Webkinz World.
It was introduced in 2005, and retired on July 17, 2013.

Theme Preview

Theme Items

Butterfly Chair

Buzzy Coffee Table

Cattails Lamp

Dragonfly Dining Table

Hoppity Sofa

Jar 'o Fireflies Lamp

Lily Pad Flooring

Lily Pad Wallpaper

Ribbity Reed Television

Sleepy Bog Bed

Springy Side Table

Squishy Swamp Dresser

Swamp Runner Fan Boat

Taddypole Study Desk

Toadstool Chair

Will 'O the Wisp Floor Lamp

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Butterfly Chair 275 KC
Buzzy Coffee Table 295 KC
Cattails Lamp 75 KC
Dragonfly Dining Table 400 KC
Hoppity Sofa 775 KC
Jar 'o Fireflies Lamp 80 KC
Lily Pad Flooring 100 KC
Lily Pad Wallpaper 150 KC
Ribbity Reed Television 700 KC
Sleepy Bog Bed 875 KC
Springy Side Table 185 KC
Squishy Swamp Dresser 585 KC
Swamp Runner Fan Boat 225 KC
Taddypole Study Desk 275 KC
Toadstool Chair 165 KC
Will 'O the Wisp Floor Lamp 215 KC