Country & Western Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Antique Carved Wood Desk

Antique Ice Box

Antique Iron Stove

Antique Western Brass Vase[1]

Carved Wood Trophy Pedestal

Country Home Bench Seat

Country Home Dining Chair

Country Home Dining Table

Country Home Square Table

Country Home Wallpaper

Country Side Table

Light Pine Wood Flooring

Prairie Wood Bed

Roaming Buffalo Painting

Saloon Doors Divider

Tin Bucket Tub

Wheat Fields Window

Wild West Wardrobe

Wood Carved Lamp

  1. Was available in W Shop, has been retired since 2007

Miscellaneous Items

Country Kitchen Pantry[1]

  1. Available only as a Deluxe Day Gift in June 2015

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Antique Carved Wood Desk 450 KC
Antique Ice Box 1500 KC
Antique Iron Stove 1850 KC
Carved Wood Trophy Pedestal 225 KC
Country Home Bench Seat 650 KC
Country Home Dining Chair 250 KC
Country Home Dining Table 750 KC
Country Home Square Table 250 KC
Country Home Wallpaper 100 KC
Country Side Table 90 KC
Light Pine Wood Flooring 100 KC
Prairie Wood Bed 550 KC
Roaming Buffalo Painting 350 KC
Saloon Doors Divider 300 KC
Tin Bucket Tub 850 KC
Wheat Fields Window 485 KC
Wild West Wardrobe 500 KC
Wood Carved Lamp 150 KC