Royal Undersea Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Colorful Coral Planter

Conch Coffee Table

Coral Clambake Dining Chair

Coral Clambake Dining Table

Depths of Demeter Dresser

Glowing Depths Floor Lamp

Hydra Definition Television

Jellyfish Jewel Lamp

Neptune's Nap Bed

Poseidon's Pedestal

Royal Undersea Wallpaper

Seafoam Sofa

Shell Fin Side Table

Toyster Treasure Box

Triton's Throne

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Colorful Coral Planter 160 KC
Conch Coffee Table 450 KC
Coral Clambake Dining Chair 250 KC
Coral Clambake Dining Table 800 KC
Depths of Demeter Dresser 550 KC
Glowing Depths Floor Lamp 200 KC
Hydra Definition Television 900 KC
Jellyfish Jewel Lamp 200 KC
Neptune's Nap Bed 1,200 KC
Poseidon's Pedestal 150 KC
Royal Undersea Wallpaper 150 KC
Seafoam Sofa 900 KC
Shell Fin Side Table 200 KC
Toyster Treasure Box 350 KC
Triton's Throne 600 KC