Pretty in Pink Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Beautiful Bows Lamp

Blushing Baker's Stove

Carnation Counter

Cotton Candy Coffee Table

Dainty Dining Chair

Fuchsia Freeze Fridge

Just Lovely Lounger

Lil' Darling Dresser

Parade of Pink Flooring

Petal Pink End Table

Pink Perfection Couch

Playfully Pink Wallpaper

Ribbons & Bows Bed

Rosy Ribbons Side Table

Simply Pink Kitchen Sink

Tea Rose Table

Tickled Pink Toy Box

Very Pretty Vanity

Visions in Pink TV

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Beautiful Bows Lamp 65 KC
Blushing Baker's Stove 525 KC
Carnation Counter 145 KC
Cotton Candy Coffee Table 175 KC
Dainty Dining Chair 60 KC
Fuchsia Freeze Fridge 450 KC
Just Lovely Lounger 290 KC
Lil' Darling Dresser 300 KC
Parade of Pink Flooring 95 KC
Petal Pink End Table 150 KC
Pink Perfection Couch 425 KC
Playfully Pink Wallpaper 100 KC
Ribbons & Bows Bed 475 KC
Rosy Ribbons Side Table 160 KC
Simply Pink Kitchen Sink 225 KC
Tea Rose Table 400 KC
Tickled Pink Toy Box 155 KC
Very Pretty Vanity 375 KC
Visions in Pink TV 600 KC