Persian Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Blue Minaret Vase

Desert Destiny Window

Embroidered Persian Pedestal

Feast of Fruit Table

Flying Cozy Carpet

Golden Oil Lamp of Persia

Jade Persian Rug

Magnificent Iwan Rest Bed

Persian Palace Flooring

Persian Palace Wallpaper

Pile of Persian Pillows

Sandstone Spa

Sofreh Dining Table

Sultan's Settee

Takht Throne

Violet Persian Rug

eStore Items

Arabian Prince Hat[1]

Arabian Prince Pants[1]

Arabian Prince Shoes[1]

Arabian Prince Top[1]

Arabian Princess Pants[2]

Arabian Princess Shoes[2]

Arabian Princess Tiara[2]

Arabian Princess Top[2]

Grand Persian Lamp

Persian Swing

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Available only in the Arabian Prince Outfit Set
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Available only in the Arabian Princess Outfit Set

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Blue Minaret Vase 2,650 KC
Desert Destiny Window 3,650 KC
Embroidered Persian Pedestal 2,350 KC
Feast of Fruit Table 2,150 KC
Flying Cozy Carpet 2,250 KC
Golden Oil Lamp of Persia 3,180 KC
Jade Persian Rug 5,750 KC
Magnificent Iwan Rest Bed 12,550 KC
Persian Palace Flooring 1,200 KC
Persian Palace Wallpaper 1,200 KC
Pile of Persian Pillows 1,450 KC
Sandstone Spa 11,250 KC
Sofreh Dining Table 8,750 KC
Sultan's Settee 6,125 KC
Takht Throne 9,554 KC
Violet Persian Rug 10,800 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Arabian Prince Outfit Regular: 6,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Arabian Princess Outfit Regular: 6,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Grand Persian Lamp Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Persian Swing Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000