Wizard Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Abracadabra Candelabra

Alchemy TV

Daedalus Dining Chair

Daedalus Dining Table

Daedalus Head Dining Chair

Enchanted Area Rug

Enchanted Chest

Floating Trophy Pedestal

Inspired Incantations Dresser

Magic Carpet Couch

Magical Dreams Bed

Wise Wizard Bookshelves

Wizard Flooring

Wizard Potions Table

Wizard Side Table

Wizard Wall Scroll

Wizard Wallpaper

Wizard's Magic Mirror

eStore Items

Academy Bunk Bed

Alchemist's Stove

Magic Broomstick

Wise Wizard Hat

Wizard School Table

Mics Items

Wizard Broomstick[1]

Wizard Window[2]
  1. Available from the May 2024 WShop Challenge
  2. Available from the Wheel of WOW

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Abracadabra Candelabra 450 KC
Alchemy TV 1,200 KC
Daedalus Dining Chair 300 KC
Daedalus Dining Table 750 KC
Daedalus Head Dining Chair 350 KC
Enchanted Area Rug 475 KC
Enchanted Chest 525 KC
Floating Trophy Pedestal 250 KC
Inspired Incantations Dresser 850 KC
Magic Carpet Couch 1,100 KC
Magical Dreams Bed 1,200 KC
Wise Wizard Bookshelves 450 KC
Wizard Flooring 125 KC
Wizard Potions Table 450 KC
Wizard Side Table 250 KC
Wizard Wall Scroll 150 KC
Wizard Wallpaper 150 KC
Wizard's Magic Mirror 500 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Academy Bunk Bed Regular: 12,500 Deluxe: 10,000
Alchemist's Stove Regular: 4,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Magic Broomstick Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Wise Wizard Hat Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Wizard School Table Regular: 6,000 Deluxe: 5,000