Violet Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Purple Violet Tile

Sugared Violet Tree

Violet Bed

Violet Cottage

Violet Dress

Violet Flooring

Violet Gazebo

Violet Hedge

Violet Wallpaper

Violet ?? Box Items

Violet Chair

Violet Fence

Violet Lion Topiary

Violet Patio Plant[1]

Violet Pond

Violet Wacky Garden Lantern
  1. The Violet Patio Plant dispenses Violet Truffles once per day

Promo Items

Violet Carriage[1]

Violet Sofa[2]

Violet Wardrobe[3]
  1. Available only in the 2019 Growing Seeds Mystery Box Series 1
  2. Available only with Deluxe Membership purchase
  3. Available only in the 2016 Summer Super Mystery Bag

Theme Pets

Violet Lion

Violet Lion Gift Box

Violet Bathtub

Pretty Picnic Lunch

Violet Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Violet Lion Cub Gift Box

Violet Tree Swing

Wild Berry Pop Pastry

Item List and Information

Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Violet ?? Box Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 2,750
Purple Violet Tile Regular: 1,500 Deluxe: 1,000
Sugared Violet Tree Regular: 8,500 Deluxe: 6,000
Violet Bed Regular: 9,000 Deluxe: 5,500
Violet Cottage Regular: 8,000 Deluxe: 8,000
Violet Dress Regular: 3,500 Deluxe: 2,500
Violet Flooring Regular: 2,500 Deluxe: 2,000
Violet Gazebo Regular: 8,000 Deluxe: 7,000
Violet Hedge Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,000
Violet Wallpaper Regular: 3,500 Deluxe: 2,500