Fairy Tale Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Clawfoot Bathtub

Fabled Grand Table

Fancy Table

Fantastic Fantasy Flooring

Fantasy Coffee Table

Fantasy Dresser

Fantasy Trophy Pedestal

Imperial Head Chair

Kingdom-in-the-Clouds Wallpaper

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Vanity

Magical Lantern

Majestic Dining Chair

Mystical Ottoman

Pandora's Toy Box

Princess Bed

Princess Couch

Princess Television

Winged Throne

Challenge Items

Fantasy Fountain

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Clawfoot Bathtub 1,200 KC
Fabled Grand Table 1,100 KC
Fancy Table 250 KC
Fantastic Fantasy Flooring 125 KC
Fantasy Coffee Table 495 KC
Fantasy Dresser 675 KC
Fantasy Trophy Pedestal 150 KC
Imperial Head Chair 500 KC
Kingdom-in-the-Clouds Wallpaper 125 KC
Magic Mirror 200 KC
Magic Mirror Vanity 415 KC
Magical Lantern 225 KC
Majestic Dining Chair 375 KC
Mystical Ottoman 480 KC
Pandora's Toy Box 425 KC
Princess Bed 1,750 KC
Princess Couch 775 KC
Princess Television 900 KC
Winged Throne 425 KC