Spooky Campground Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Broken Sign

Creepy Mushrooms

Decaying Pumpkins

Ghostly Campfire

Hollow Bench

Rickety Cabin Bed

Spooky Campground Background

Spooky Campground Flooring

Spooky Pine

Misc Items

Haunted Campkinz Cabin[1]

Spooky Portable Toilet[2]

  1. Available from the 2023 Trick or Treat event
  2. Available from the October WShop Challenge

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Broken Sign 200 KC
Creepy Mushrooms 180 KC
Decaying Pumpkins 385 KC
Ghostly Campfire 550 KC
Hollow Bench 600 KC
Rickety Cabin Bed 1,100 KC
Spooky Campground Background 450 KC
Spooky Campground Flooring 350 KC
Spooky Pine 750 KC