Dogbeard's Gold

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Dogbeard's Gold is a Webkinz Arcade game which was introduced in October 2016. The game is only available to Deluxe members, and is available in both the Webkinz World mobile and desktop apps. The main character is Dogbeard, who the player controls.

Official announcement: "Dogbeard’s Gold has arrived at the arcade for Deluxe Members! This amazing new action game will have you shivering (with excitement) in yer timbers! Jump Captain Dogbeard from island to island, collecting treasure along the way!"


The player controls Dogbeard, who is standing on rotating platforms. Press spacebar or click/tap on the screen to make Dogbeard jump between the platforms. Players can also double jump by pressing twice. Timing jumps so that Dogbeard collects as much treasure as possible increases the amount of points that a player wins. If a player collects a lot of treasure in a row without missing any, they will get bonus points.

Dogbeard's Gold can award three prizes: bronze, silver and gold medals. The bronze medal is awarded at 10,000 points, the silver medal is awarded at 50,000 points, and the gold medal is awarded at 100,000 points.