Plumpy's Hairdresser

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Plumpy's Hairdresser is an Arcade game. It will only appear in the Arcade after one of the player's pets has completed all levels of the Hairdresser Class at the Kinzville Academy. The game functions very similarly to the Grooming course, but is not identical to it.


In each level, Plumpy will request a hairstyle from the player. The player must use various tools to dye, style, and accessorize Plumpy's hair, with the goal of making it resemble her request as much as possible. A picture of Plumpy's request will be visible at the start of a level, but is hidden after a certain amount of time. To show the picture of Plumpy's request again, the player must use a hint. The player starts the game with 5 hints. Unused hints carry over to the next level, and the player also gains one hint at the start of each level after the first. Each level requires the player to reach a certain score in order to pass it. The score is calculated based on the player's accuracy (including a perfect bonus), as well as a time bonus. The game ends when the player fails a level.