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Date joined: 29 May 2023

Webkinz user: grayson85

Status: trainee


  1. Become comfortable with general wiki editing, formatting, namespaces, etc. -> perform basic edits to existing pages that need them (polishing)
  2. Learn proper file uploading, template use and creation, page (and sub-page) creation, and category creation
  3. (Maybe) learn AWB to assist in reformatting existing pages that need them
  4. Accomplish above before moving on to (approved) projects (expansion)
  5. Project: Plush Pet Collection
  6. Project: Ganz patents related to Webkinz, UI changes -> page(s) on the history and development of Webkinz

Edits I can perform (list will be updated):

  • adding (plain, rich) text
  • adding hyperlinks (w vis editor)
  • reformatting rich text (bold, italic, underline, lists, etc.)
  • citations and references (insert, delete, re-use)
    • my naming conventions follow the default/auto names created
      • first ref -> :0
      • second ref -> :1
      • third ref -> :2
      • etc
  • remove whitespace from WPG visual tables
  • add missing info to Item List & Information tables
  • X


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Files for Plush Pet Collection:

I've been using a site called for collecting images of all sorts of things, including Webkinz plush pets (my user is Elidia Dolls and I have a channel on there called Webkinz, channels to is like boards to Pinterest)

There are generally 3 official image styles:

  • White background
  • Hardwood floor
  • Photoshopped background (Webkinz world imagery)

Many* will say ©GANZ in the bottom left corner, and, if applicable:

  • have a RETIRED badge in the top right
  • have a SEASONAL badge in the top right
  • have an ADVENTURE PARK badge in the bottom right
  • have a LIL'KINZ badge next to ©GANZ
  • have a SIGNATURE badge in the bottom right
  • have a SIGNATURE ENDANGERED badge in bottom right or top left (3 visual variations)

*Some will be missing one or all these things

When it comes to quality it's...a mixed bag, especially for older plushes. The photoshopped background is so iconic but quality is usually an issue, and not every plush has one (even an older plush like the Lil'Kinz Yorkie does not have an accessible one, not to say one was never made, I just can't find it)

I haven't been collecting them (yet) but some plushes, especially the later ones (the ones with unboxing videos), have image files containing the plush itself plus its virtual avatar, PSI, and PSF. I like this presentation style of information and would like to emulate it on this wiki, but I'm not convinced using these existing files would be the best way to approach it. I'd like there to be a connection between the existing picture guides and pet collections containing the virtual avatars, gift boxes, PSIs, and PSFs and the Plush Pet Collection I am kinda-sorta proposing here.

Ganz Patents, etc:

This one is hard to explain, but I found through Google Patents some really cool info on how Webkinz came to be, including images and charts! The ones from 2008 are especially fascinating because you get to see how some of the bigger changes came to Webkinz world and why. There's also one that may be considered speculative if it were to be included on the wiki since it surrounds something yet to be implemented by Webkinz, but nonetheless extremely interesting.

I also read an article on Forbes featuring an interview with Webkinz's first creative director and thought some of the info there could contribute to a meaningful page on the history and development of Webkinz.

I'm planning on collecting visuals on for a timeline of the Webkinz UI, personally very obsessed with this (can you tell I prefer front-end lol)

Lastly (for now), I stumbled upon some XML files by accident while Google searching?? The ones I found contain a lot of the written dialogue used in Webkinz world, such as talking to Arte Fact in the Curio Shop, Dr. Quack's old dialogue at the clinic, Tournament Arena stuff, talking to your pet (remember that?? I forgot!!), etc. This could make for some interesting text data, probably in the Archives section. And it's not all plain text, there's tags surrounding the statements that give context (for example, if you're a new, regular, or valued customer at the Curio Shop, Arte Fact uses different dialogue with you, and the tags in the XML file specify this)