Webkinz Jr.

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Webkinz Jr. is a website that encourages children aged 3-6 to imagine, explore, and learn. With a host of friendly characters, and a neighborhood full of familiar places, Webkinz Jr. is the perfect place for a kid to play! -Webkinz Jr.

Webkinz Jr. was the preschool counterpart of Webkinz. It was intended to be a more educational site for a younger audience of children aged 3-6.


Webkinz Jr. pet code

The first Webkinz Jr. pets were released in April 2009 when they appeared in the Ganz eStore (code only for $25.00). A list of pets are listed here and the website. The site's construction took some time, but Webkinz Newz announced the site was ready on April 2, 2009, although the tour and other parts of the site were ready before then. Webkinz Jr. pets cost $25.00 in most stores.

Ganz put an emphasis on pet emotions (sleepy, hungry etc.) and advertised heavily around the Webkinz site.

As of January 31st, 2018, Webkinz Jr. is no longer in service and is shut down.[1] Accessing it leads to a 404 not found message.

File:Cartoon Webkinz Jr.png
Three of the main pets.


Like Webkinz, Webkinz Jr. had a "Deluxe Membership" subscription service that allowed users and parents to access more features on the site.[2]


First Set

The first set of pets that were released were the Blue PuppyBrown Monkey, Tan Puppy, Orange Kitty, Pink Puppy and Purple Monkey.

Second Set

The second set that was released included the Tan Bear, Pink Bunny, Grey Elephant, Giraffe, Frog, and Blue Bunny.

Third Set

The third and final set that released included smaller plushes, similar to Lil'Kinz. They were the Small Mouse, Small Bunny, Small Elephant, Small Kitten, Small Giraffe, and Small Puppy.