Helmet Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Adventure Scouts Helmet
2020 Winterfest Yes

Alyssa House Helmet
eStore No

Baseball Uniform Helmet
Persephone's Shop Yes

Bee Helmet
Arcade Challenge

Blue Dragon Helmet
eStore Fall Mystery Promo
2023 Fall Spooky Mystery Clothing Bag

Blue Hard Hat
Adventure Park
Quests - Sparky's Scavenger Hunt

Blue Hockey Helmet
Wheel of Deluxe Yes

Born to Board Helmet
eStore No

Captain Webkinz Helmet
eStore No

Cycling Helmet
September 2016 Deluxe Yes

Daredevil Helmet
October 2010 Deluxe

Dinosaur Costume Helmet
2015 Fall KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Diving Bell Helmet
Webkinz Newz Yes

Dragon Hero Helmet
eStore No

Eager Beaver Hardhat
eStore No

Elegant Equestrian Helmet
November 2011 Deluxe Yes

Explorer Hard Hat
Adventure Park
Quests - A Nafarious Ploy

Farm Fresh Egg Costume Helmet
Community Code Yes

Firefighter Helmet
2014 Halloween KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Football Pro Helmet
2015 Halloween KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Galaxy Suit Helmet
Alyssa Star Challenge Yes

Gladiator Helmet
Curio Shop Yes

Glam Mountaineering Hat
eStore Promo Sophie Rewards

Go Kart Helmet
June 2016 Deluxe Challenge Yes

Golden Solar Helmet
Retired Alyssa Star Challenge Yes

Golden Sparkling Helmet
Deluxe Prize Machine Yes

Hard Hat
Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Halloween 2023

Hazard Suit Mask
Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Halloween 2018

Infinite Inferno Helmet
eStore No

Jumbleberry Helmet
Retired Jumbleberry Fields Yes

Kinzville Academy Batting Helmet
Kinzville Academy Recess Yes

Kinzville Academy Football Helmet
Kinzville Academy Recess Yes

Knight's Helm
eStore No

Knight's Helmet
2016 Halloween KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Lovely Racing Helmet
2017 Valentines Gift Bag Yes

Lucky Racing Helmet
2016 St.Patrick's Day Gift Bag Yes

Lunar Helmet
Nafaria's Star Trading Yes

Martian Helmet
Webkinz Newz Yes

Mazin' Hamster Stunt Helmet
Moolah Moutain Mazin' Hamster Yes

Mining Helmet
Doug the Dog Yes

Motorcross Helmet
Wheel of Deluxe Yes

Nafaria House Helmet
eStore No

Olympus Hero Helmet
eStore No

Pharaoh's Helm
eStore No

Pink Diving Bell Helmet
Webkinz Newz Yes

Purple Ghost Costume Helmet
eStore No

Racing Helmet
April 2009 Deluxe Yes

Red Capsule Helmet
Prize Claw Yes

Red Football Pro Helmet
2015 Halloween KinzStlye Outlet Yes

Red Hockey Helmet
2017 Winterfest Yes

Red Racing Helmet
Mobile KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Rescue Team Helmet
2019 Winterfest Yes

Robot Helmet
2013 Halloween KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Royal Guard Helmet
May 2016 Deluxe Yes

Safari Pith Helmet
KinzCostume Yes

Samurai Helmet
July 2009 Deluxe Yes

Skateboarding Helmet
eStore No

Skater Kat Helmet
Webkinz Newz Yes

Snazzy Snowboard Helmet
eStore No

Solar Helmet
Retired Alyssa Star Challenge Yes

Stylish Ski Helmet
February 2011 Deluxe Yes

Sweetheart Racing Helmet
Community Code Yes

Telepathy Titan Helmet
eStore No

Test Pilot Helmet
Token Balloon Dartz Yes

Unicycle Helmet
Can You See Undersea? Adventure Quest Yes

Viking Helmet
Curio Shop Yes

Viking Princess Helmet
2013 Halloween KinzStlye Outlet Yes

Wacky Racing Helmet
Wacky Zingoz Celebration Yes

Webkinz Hockey Helmet
Webkinz Newz Yes

White Hockey Helmet
2018 Winterfest Yes

White Knight Costume Helmet
eStore Promo Yes

Winged Helmet
Kinzville Academy Yes

Zangoz Racing Helmet
Community Code Yes