Party Pack

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Not to be confused with the Party Room, a room in the Clubhouse.

Party Packs in the WShop

A Party Pack was an item that could be used to have a party in your house. Two types of Party Packs were available: party rooms and house parties. Party Room Packs took place in a dedicated party room, while House Party Packs took place in a room in your house. Both had dedicated prizes that can only be obtained by throwing or attending that party. Party Room Packs were available for 1,000 KinzCash, while House Party Packs were available for 750 KinzCash.

Parties were introduce to Webkinz World in January 2010. Due to technical issues, Party Packs were retired on August 25, 2020.

Throwing a Party

To throw a party, drag the party pack from your Dock to your room. A Party Pack window will appear on the screen, asking a few questions about the party and how it will take place. Party hosts must select games to be played during the party, as well as determining the time and date of the party. Before Color Zones were all condensed into Light Blue, party hosts had to select the zone their party would take place in as well.

Party Games

Balloon Dartz

Bean Bag


Pin The Tail On The Donkey

There are six different options for party games, though a party host can only choose up to four to play at a single party. Party games are either multiplayer or single player - every multiplayer game requires at least three Webkinz to be at the party. If three users are not present, then the game will not be played. Each party game is themed differently based on the party pack selected. The party games are as follows:

  • Balloon Pop - Similar to Balloon Dartz, but with only three darts instead of five.
  • Beanbag Toss - A basket moves back and forth, and the player must try and toss a beanbag into it. There are five attempts, and if a player succeeds all five times they are awarded a bonus prize.
  • Pinata - A multiplayer game where players take turns trying to break a pinata.
  • Jellybean Challenge - Identical to the Jellybean Challenge found in Today's Activities
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey - A multiplayer game where players are briefly shown a donkey, and must try to click as close as possible to where the tail was. The player that is the closest wins a prize.
  • Hot Potato - Players take turns passing a potato to each other. There are different options for how long the player holds on to the potato before passing it. The last person to pass the potato wins.

List of Party Packs

Party Room Packs

  • Big Top Party Room Pack
  • Beach Party Room Pack
  • Blockbuster Party Room Pack
  • Cheerleader Party Room Pack
  • Christmas Party Room Pack
  • Enchanted Party Room Pack
  • Halloween Party Room Pack
  • Space Party Room Pack
  • Spring Celebration Party Room Pack
  • Valentine Party Room Pack
  • Winter Party Room Pack

House Party Packs

  • Birthday Boy House Party Pack
  • Birthday Girl House Party Pack
  • Christmas House Party Pack
  • Garden House Party Pack
  • Halloween House Party Pack
  • Pizza House Party Pack
  • Spring Fling House Party Pack
  • Tea House Party Pack
  • Valentine's Day House Party Pack
  • Winter House Party Pack