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Zingoz are a species of creatures found in Webkinz World. Zingoz can be found in a lot of games in the Arcade and Tournament Arena, such as Wacky Zingoz and Zingoz Switcherooz. Notable Zingoz include Wacky and Zacky Zingoz. Other types of Zingoz include Burstos and Zangoz.


A guide posted on Webkinz Newz describes some of the Zingoz types. [1]


Zingoz are the most common type to see and most prominently the type that Wacky Zingoz is. They can come in a range of colors such as blue, yellow, and pink as seen in Zacky's Quest, Zingoz Switcherooz and games featuring Wacky.

"This is a Zingoz – Wacky Zingoz to be specific! Wacky Zingoz is probably THE most recognizable of all the Zingoz. He’s yellow and cute and he has a distinctively squeaky voice."

"Another well-known Zingoz is Zacky. Zacky is blue and cute and full of adventure."

Bursto Zingoz

"Burstos are known for, well, bursting! They love to be tickled – even if it means shrinking smaller and smaller and eventually disappearing!"

Burstos are the species of Zingoz who appear as antagonists in the game Bounce N Burst. They try to destroy protagonist Livingston Lion by landing on his head three times. They appear to have mass reproduction abilities when tickled as when Livingston tickles them, they turn into to Zingoz, then when he tickles those Zingoz, they become two more each (4 total). This ability appears to have a limit though, after Livingston tickles them twice, they are available to destroy with one more tickle, this may be because they are too small to properly reproduce so they become unstabilized and fall apart.

Azure Zingoz


"Singoz can be identified by their pink coloring, floppy ears, and beautiful singing voices."

Rainbow Zingoz

Rainbow Zingoz are a rare type of Zingoz, having only Hue Zingoz left.

Games Featuring Zingoz