(Item Guide) PJ's Specials

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This page only contains clothing exclusively available as a Splendorific item. For the entire pool of clothing that can appear as Splendorific items, see PJ's Splendorific Specials.

PJ's Specials

Name First Available Cost Tradeable
Clown Costume 2009 September 450 KC Yes
Clown Nose 2009 September 48 KC Yes
Clown Shoes 2009 September 65 KC Yes
Clown Wig 2009 September 56 KC Yes
Fairy Princess Ball Gown 2009 September 465 KC Yes
Green Popstar Dress 2010 April 225 KC Yes
Jean Jacket Uniform 2010 April 225 KC Yes
Pink Popstar Uniform 2010 April 250 KC Yes
Superhero Boots 2009 September 60 KC Yes
Superhero Mask 2009 September 45 KC Yes
Superhero Outfit 2009 September 555 KC Yes
Venetian Mask 2009 September 125 KC Yes

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