Cinnamon's Collections

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In 2011, Ganz had the first ever Valentine's event in Webkinz World. Players had to visit Cinnamon, the Mazin' Hamster, in the Kinzville Park once a day to collect flowers. If a player collected each flower, they were awarded with the grand prize. In 2012, the Cinnamon collection event did not return for Valentine's Day. In 2013, players could find Cinnamon standing in the park at a chocolate cart. Players still had to click Cinnamon once a day, this time to win chocolates. If a player collected one of each chocolate, they received the grand prize. Cinnamon's chocolate collection has continued since 2013.

Cinnamon's Flower Collection


Cinnamon's Flower Collection was the first Valentine's event in Webkinz World. Prior to the collection, there was only a Valentine's Day gift awarded upon login on Valentine's Day. Cinnamon's Flower Collection ran from February 7, 2011 through Valentine's Day (February 14, 2011). Players could visit the park once per day to win a different rose. Cinnamon's Collection event was different than other events, such as the Leprechaun Chase, because she was always in the park. Players could visit Cinnamon at any time of day or in any color zone to get their flower for the day. Flowers rotated daily and changed at midnight Kinztime when a different flower would become available.

Cinnamon, the Mazin' Hamster, at her Flower Stand in the Kinzville Park


Players could collect a total of six different roses to win the grand prize. If a player missed a rose, they could be purchased for 2,000 eStore points each directly from their Webkinz World account. None of the flowers, nor the grand prize, available from this event were able to be send via Kinzpost. This was later changed so the prizes are now tradeable and sendable.
The five roses below were available from Cinnamon directly in the park.

Light Pink Rose in Crystal Vase

Pink Rose in a Crystal Vase

Purple Rose in Crystal Vase

White Rose in Crystal Vase

Yellow Rose in Crystal Vase

Players also had to find one floating red rose on Webkinz Newz during the collection event. Players who clicked on the red rose were awarded with a Red Rose in a Crystal Vase to complete their collection. Players could find the rose at any point during the promotion and could win one per Webkinz account.

Red Rose in Crystal Vase

Grand Prize Once players had all six roses in their collection, they were awarded with a Be My Valentine Bouquet.

Be My Valentine Bouquet

Cinnamon's Chocolate Collection

In 2013, Cinnamon returned to the park for Valentine's Day. Instead of flowers, Cinnamon awarded one chocolate per account per day. The chocolates changed at midnight Kinztime. Players had 7 days to collect 5 chocolates from Cinnamon in the Kinzville Park, plus one chocolate found exclusively on Webkinz Newz, in order to win the grand prize.

Cinnamon, the Mazin' Hamster, at her Chocolate Stand in the Kinzville Park


Cinnamon Chocolate Fridge
Grand Prize

Candy Nougat Chocolate

Lemon Zest Chocolate

Pink Praline Chocolate

Turkish Delight Chocolate

Vanilla Cream Chocolate

Cherry Cream Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Valentine Mailbox Fridge
Grand Prize

Blueberry Acai Chocolate

Buttercream Chocolate

Creme de Menthe Chocolate

Lavender Lilac Chocolate

Orange Zest Chocolate

Whipped Strawberry Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Love Buggy
Grand Prize

Black Licorice Chocolate

Cotton Candy Chocolate

Double Dark Chocolate

Pomegranate Chocolate

Wintermint Chocolate

Sweet Peach Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Chocolate Striped Sofa
Grand Prize

Caramel Cream Chocolate

Caramel Crunch Chocolate

Red Velvet Chocolate

Savory Sea Salt Chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate

Peanut Butter Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Lovely Go Kart
Grand Prize

Banana Cream Chocolate

Candy Crunch Chocolate

Green Tea Chocolate

Marshmallow Mint Chocolate

Perfect Pear Chocolate

Sweet Chili Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Sweetheart Bookshelf
Grand Prize

Cookies & Cream Chocolate

Double Fudge Chocolate

Maple Swirl Chocolate

Marshmallow Cream Chocolate

Simply Cinnamon Chocolate

Strawberry Swirl Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Sweetheart Pantry Fridge
Grand Prize

Chewy Caramel Chocolate

Cookie Crunch Chocolate

Moonberry Blast Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate

Royal Ruby Chocolate

Jumbleberry Jam Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Sweetheart Flower Shop
Grand Prize

Amazing Almond Chocolate

Candy Coated Chocolate

Caramel Blast Chocolate

Cinnamon Spice Chocolate

Sweet Sugarberry Chocolate

Marvelous Mint Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Cinnamon Heart Tree Seeds
Grand Prize

Candied Bacon Chocolate

Honeycomb Crunch Chocolate

Potato Chip Crunch Chocolate

Roasted Jalapeno Chocolate

Salted Rosemary Chocolate

Banana Toffee Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Sweet Dreams Bus Bed
Grand Prize

Banana Cream Chocolate

Candy Coated Chocolate

Double Fudge Chocolate

Honeycomb Crunch Chocolate

Moonberry Blast Chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Cinnamon Hot Air Balloon
Grand Prize

Candy Cream Chocolate

Creamy Cotton Candy Chocolate

Double Dipped Chocolate

Sugarberry Blast Chocolate

Sweet Wasabi Chocolate

Raspberry Swirl Chocolate
Webkinz Newz


Chocolate Statue
Grand Prize

Creamy Chamomile Chocolate

Famous Fudge Chocolate

Marshmallow Mayhem Chocolate

Mint Chip Chocolate

Peanut Butter & Banana Chocolate

Bubblegum Burst Chocolate
Webkinz Newz