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Map of Kinzville

File:Adoption Center-Icon.png Adoption Center
File:Adventure Park-Icon.png Adventure Park
File:Arcade-Icon.png Arcade
File:Caring Valley-Icon.png Caring Valley
File:Dicekinz-Icon.png DiceKinz
File:Dr Quack's Clinic-Icon.png Dr. Quack's Clinic
File:Employment Office-Icon.png Employment Office
File:KinzPost-Icon.png KinzPost

File:Kinzville Academy-Icon.png Kinzville Academy
File:Kinzville Park-Icon.png Kinzville Park
File:Kinzville Times Newspaper-Icon.png Kinzville Times Newspaper
File:Mazin' Hamsters-Icon.png Mazin' Hamsters
File:Magical Forest-Icon.png Magical Forest
File:Music Starz-Icon.png Music Starz
My Room
File:MyPage-Icon.png MyPage
File:Quizzy's Question Corner.png Quizzy's Question Corner

File:Shops-Logo.png Shops in Webkinz World
File:Today's Activities-Icon.png Today's Activities
File:Tournament Arena-Icon.png Tournament Arena
File:Travel Agency-Icon.png Travel Agency
File:Webkinz eStore-Icon.png Webkinz eStore
File:WebkinzFriendsBeta.JPG Webkinz Friends
File:Webkinz Stadium-Icon.png Webkinz Stadium
File:Wish Factory-Icon.png Wish Factory