(Picture Guide) eStore Micro Themes

The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!

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Apple Orchard

Apple Fritter Conveyor

Apple Orchard Barn

Apple Sapling Tree

Bushels of Apples

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Apple Pie

Apple Pie Side Table

Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Wallpaper

Aquatic Center Flooring

Beach Ball Sprinkler

Deep End Diving Board

Inflatable Pool Toy

Pool Water Slide

Artist's Bunk

Artistic Acrylic Paint Set

Artist's Bunk

Artist's Bunk Lamp

Artist's Couch

Autumn Wicker

Autumn Wicker Chest

Autumn Wicker Rocker

Autumn Wicker Rug

Autumn Wicker Sofa

Autumn Wicker Table

Autumn Wood

Autumn Wood Chair

Autumn Wood Fireplace

Autumn Wood Pergola

Autumn Wood Slide

Autumn Wood Sofa

Autumn Wood Swing


Bear Deck Chair

Bear Planter

Bear Table

Deck Chair Sofa

Rainfall Shower

Beetle Bee

Beetle Bee Bed

Beetle Bee Chair

Beetle Bee Helicopter

Beetle Bee Table

Blue Gingham

Blue Gingham Balcony Window

Blue Gingham Bed

Blue Gingham Dresser

Blue Marble

Blue Marble Fireplace Divider

Blue Marble Flooring

Blue Marble Wallpaper

Blue Spring

Blue Spring Curtains

Blue Spring Fireplace

Blue Spring Sofa

Blue Spring Table

Blushing Hearts

Blushing Hearts Armchair

Blushing Hearts Bed

Blushing Hearts Curtains

Blushing Hearts Lamp

Blushing Hearts Rug

Blushing Hearts Wardrobe


Bookworm Chair


Bunny Bed

Bunny Chair

Bunny Wardrobe

Cheesy Dreams

Cheesy Dreams Bed

Cheese Platter

Cheesy Chair

Cheese Slice Flooring

Cheese Wheel Hat

Swiss Cheese Wallpaper

Chef Gazpacho

Chef Gazpacho Blender

Chef Gazpacho Kitchen Trolley

Chef Gazpacho Mega Stove

Chef Gazpacho Sandwich Maker

Chef Gazpacho Stove

Chef Gazpacho Wallpaper

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar Chair

Chocolate Bar Couch

Cool Blue

Cool Blue Armchair

Cool Blue Carpet

Cool Blue Sofa

Cozy Cable Knit

Cozy Cable Knit Bed

Cozy Cable Knit Chair

Cozy Cable Knit Curtains

Cozy Cable Knit Sofa

Grey Cable Knit Armchair

Grey Cable Knit Sofa

Cozy Pattern

Cozy Pattern Armchair

Cozy Pattern Bed

Cozy Pattern Curtains

Cozy Pattern Dresser

Cozy Pattern Rug

Cozy Pattern Sofa

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Deck Chairs

Cruise Ship Flooring

Cruise Ship Smoke Stacks

Cruise Ship Wallpaper

Cruise Ship Waterslide

Lounging Pool


Delightful Bed

Delightful Chair

Delightful Chest of Drawers

Delightful Directional Rug

Delightful Window

Eerie Dreary

Eerie Dreary Bed

Eerie Dreary Chair

Eerie Dreary Fence

Eerie Dreary Pillar

Elegant Blush

Elegant Blush Bed

Elegant Blush Carpet

Elegant Blush Chair

Elegant Blush Curtains

Elegant Blush Sofa

Explorer Adventures

Explorer Adventures Wardrobe

Fabulous Feathers

Fabulous Feathers Sofa

Fabulous Feathers Chair

Fabulous Feathers Coffee Table

Fabulous Feathers Curtains

Fabulous Feathers Rug

Fresh Spring

Fresh Spring Bed

Fresh Spring Curtain

Fresh Spring Rug

Fresh Spring Wardrobe


Gemstone Chair

Gentle Spring

Gentle Spring Bed

Gentle Spring Bookcase

Gentle Spring Chair

Gentle Spring Rug

Gentle Spring Window


Giant Chair

Giant Coffee Table

Giant Lamp

Giant Ottoman

Giant Sofa

Gingerbread Bear

Gingerbread Bear Chair

Gingerbread Bear Hamper

Gingerbread Bear Rug

Gingerbread Bear Slippers

Gingerbread Bear Trampoline

Goober's Atomic Lab

Atomic Adventure Vehicle

Atomic Armchair

Atomic Beaker

Goober's Atomic Flooring

Goober's Atomic Wallpaper

Goober's Generator

Green Plaid

Green Plaid Armchair

Green Plaid Bed

Green Plaid Divider

Green Plaid Rug

Green Plaid Sofa

Green Plaid Wallpaper

Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel Bed

Haunted Hotel Elevator

Haunted Hotel Lobby Desk

Haunted Hotel Flooring

Haunted Hotel Service Cart

Haunted Hotel Wallpaper


Heartfelt Fireplace

Heartfelt Rug

Heartfelt Wallpaper

Heartfelt Wardrobe

Heart of the Jungle

Heart of the Jungle Bed

Heart of the Jungle Chest

Icing on the Cake

Cake Booth

Icing on the Cake Bed

Icing on the Cake Fence

Icing on the Cake Fountain

Icing on the Cake Gazebo


Industrial Bookcase

Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Floor Lamp

Industrial Wall Divider

Industrial Wallpaper

Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Toy Chest

Lovely Lavender

Lavender Patio Plant

Lovely Lavender Bridge

Lovely Lavender Chair

Lovely Lavender Cottage

Lovely Lavender Fountain

Magical Heart

Heart Curtains

Heart Slide

Heart Toy Box

Magical Heart Bathtub

Magical Heart Carpet

Magical Valentine Wardrobe

Magic W

Magic W Curtains

Magic W Dresser

Magic W Rug

Marvelous Maple

Marvelous Maple Bed

Marvelous Maple Bench

Marvelous Maple Dresser

Marvelous Maple Flooring

Marvelous Maple Wallpaper

Sleepy Hedgehog Rug

Melting Chocolate

Melting Chocolate Bed

Melting Chocolate Curtains

Melting Chocolate Flooring

Melting Chocolate Piano

Melting Chocolate Wallpaper


Craning Orb Modern Lamp

Modern Couch

Modern Floor Clock

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Modern Rug

Musical Maestro

Musical Maestro Wardrobe

Nakamas Clubhouse

Cushy Blue Toy Box

Cushy Purple Sofa

Lovely Forest Window

Pretty Patterns Sewing Machine

Night and Day

Day and Night Window

Night & Day Bed

Night and Day Chair

Night and Day Wallpaper

Night at the Movies

Night at the Movies Wardrobe

Orange Gingham

Orange Gingham Balcony Window

Orange Gingham Bed

Orange Gingham Wardrobe


Peacock Table

Peacock Tail Feather Chair

Stained Glass Peacock Room Divider

Perfectly Purple

Perfectly Purple Curtains

Perfectly Purple Sofa

Purple Gingham

Purple Gingham Balcony Window

Purple Gingham Bed

Purple Gingham Blanket Box

Red Barn

Hit the Hay Bed

Red Barn Flooring

Red Barn Wagon Bed

Red Barn Wallpaper

Red Gingham

Red Gingham Balcony Window

Red Gingham Bed

Red Gingham Closet


Rosy Chair

Rosy Sofa

Rosy Swing

Rosy Table

Ruffled Antique

Ruffled Antique Arm Chair

Ruffled Antique Bed

Ruffled Antique Curtains

Ruffled Antique Rug


Rustic Chair

Rustic Couch

Rustic Curtains

Rustic Rug

Rustic Side Table


Green Safari SUV

Observation Tower

Overgrown Vine Hammock

Safari Rest Station

Savannah Tree Perch

Watering Hole

Serenity Blue

Serenity Blue Bed

Serenity Blue Bookcase

Serenity Blue Lamp

Serenity Blue Sidetable

Serenity Blue Wallpaper

Serenity Blue Wardrobe

Sewing Superstar

Ball of Yarn Chair

Balls of Yarn Peek and Find

Red Yarn Ball Chair

Sewing Superstar Chair

Sewing Superstar Table

Sleepy Traveler

Sleepy Traveler Suitcase

Sleepy Traveler Suitcase Table

Soft Cactus

Soft Cactus Couch

Soft Cactus Stool

Soft Green

Soft Green Armchair

Soft Green Bed

Soft Green Bench

Soft Green Couch

Soft Green Curtains


Spiderweb Bed

Spiderweb Chair

Spiderweb Curtain Panel

Spiderweb Table

Spring Bunny

Spring Bunny Bed

Spring Bunny Chair

Spring Bunny Sofa

Spring Bunny Wallpaper

Spring Bunny Wardrobe

Spring Bunny Window

Spring Clover

Spring Clover Bed

Spring Clover Curtains

Spring Clover Dresser

Spring Clover Rug

Spring Clover Wallpaper

Spring Floral

Spring Floral Bed

Spring Floral Chair

Spring Floral Curtains

Spring Floral Divider

Spring Floral Rug

Spring Floral Sofa

Spring Flower

Spring Flower Bed

Spring Flower Curtains

Spring Flower Rug

Spring Flower Shower

Spring Flower Wardrobe

Spring Plaid

Spring Plaid Bed

Spring Plaid Chair

Spring Plaid Rug

Spring Plaid Sofa

Spring Plaid Wallpaper

Spring Plaid Wardrobe

Spring Planting

Planting Flower Patch Couch

Planting Flower Patch Side Table

Spring Planting Flower Patch Bed

Squirrel Deck

Squirrel Deck Chair

Squirrel Deck Table

Squirrel Planter


Summer Sofa

Summer Umbrella Chairs

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze Bed

Summer Breeze Curtain

Summer Breeze Divider

Summer Breeze Rug

Summer Breeze Wallpaper

Summer Breeze Wardrobe

Summer Floral

Summer Floral Bed

Summer Floral Curtains

Summer Floral Rug

Summer Floral Sofa

Summer Garden

Summer Garden Chair

Summer Garden Sofa

Summer Pink Wallpaper

Summer Polka Dot Curtains

Summer Plaid

Summer Blue Plaid Curtains

Summer Blue Wallpaper

Summer Plaid Chair

Summer Plaid Sofa

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes Bed

Summer Vibes Curtains

Summer Vibes Dresser

Summer Vibes Rug

Summer Vibes Wallpaper

Sushi Bar

Super Sushi Bar

Super Sushi Bar Chair

Sushi Bar Dining Chair

Sushi Bar Dining Table

Sushi Bar Place Setting

Tender Tidings

Tender Tidings Bed

Tender Tidings Home

Tender Tidings Tree


Thanksgiving Curtains

Thanksgiving Rug

Thanksgiving Sofa

Time For Fall

Time For Fall Bed

Time For Fall Curtains

Time For Fall Dresser

Time For Fall Rug

Time For Fall Toybox

Time For Fall Wallpaper


Clock Gears Wallpaper

Timeless Rug

Timeless Sofa

Tyrannical Rex

Tyrannical Rex Bouncy Castle

Tyrannical Rex Sandbox

Tyrannical Rex Slide


Converted Bathtub Chair

Converted Bathtub Couch

Rubber Ducky Coffee Table

Upcycled Jivin' TV Bed

Vibrant Vibes

Vibrant Vibes Armchair

Vibrant Vibes Bed

Vibrant Vibes Curtains

Vibrant Vibes Rug

Vibrant Vibes Sofa

Vibrant Vibes Wallpaper

Violet Bliss

Violet Bliss Bed

Violet Bliss Curtains

VIolet Bliss Rug

Violet Bliss Spa

Violet Bliss Wallpaper

Violet Slide

Webkinz Nutcracker

Giant Clydesdale Nutcracker

Holiday Nutcracker Clock

Special Holiday Nutcracker

Webkinz Nutcracker Flooring

Webkinz Nutcracker Wallpaper

Whimsical Bistro

Whimsical Bistro Set

Whimsical Fence Divider

Whimsical Indoor Divider

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat Bed

Winter Retreat Chair

Winter Retreat Flooring

Winter Retreat Sofa

Winter Retreat Wallpaper

Winter Retreat Wardrobe

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