(Picture Guide) eStore Perfect Match

The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!

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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Flooring

Afghan Hound Wallpaper


Bee-autiful Armchair

Bee-autiful Bed

Bee-autiful Dresser

Bee-autiful Flooring

Bee-autiful Rocker

Bee-autiful Rug

Bee-autiful Stool

Bee-autiful Toybox

Bee-autiful Wallpaper

Bee-autiful Window

Blue Harlequin

Blue Harlequin Curtains

Blue Harlequin Desk

Blue Harlequin Dresser

Blue Harlequin Sofa


Bubblegumasaurus Flooring

Bubblegumasaurus Wallpaper

Bubblegum Bouncer

Bubblegum Volcano

Camo Rhino

Camo Rhino Flooring

Camo Rhino Wallpaper

Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse Flooring

Carousel Horse Wallpaper


Clockwork Bed

Clockwork Car

Clockwork Sofa

Tinkerpup Flooring

Tinkerpup Wallpaper


Colorblocked Canopy Bed

Colorblock Chair

Colorblock Curtains

Colorblock Rug

Colorblock Sofa

Cotton Candy

Carnival Cotton Candy Wig

Cotton Candy Chair

Cotton Candy Dress

Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton Candy Sheep Flooring

Cotton Candy Sheep Wallpaper

Cotton Candy Sofa

Cotton Candy Tree

Cotton Candy Tuxedo Jacket

Cozy Mohair

Cozy Mohair Armchair

Cozy Mohair Sofa

Fabulous Phoenix

Fabulous Phoenix Flooring

Fabulous Phoenix Perch

Fabulous Phoenix Rug

Fabulous Phoenix Wallpaper


Fiery 4 Post Bed

Fiery Chaise Lounge

Fiery Fireplace

Fiery Lamp

Fiery Shower

Fire Fawn

Fire Fawn Flooring

Fire Fawn Floral Bed

Fire Fawn Hot Tub

Fire Fawn Wallpaper


Glimmering Bed

Glimmering Wardrobe


Harmony Chair

Harmony Piano

Harmony Rug

Harmony Sofa

Little Lamb

Little Lamb Wardrobe

Lollipop Snail

Lollipop Slide

Lollipop Snail Flooring

Lollipop Snail Wallpaper

Lollipop Swing

Magical Meadow

Magical Meadow Vanity

Mighty Griffin

Griffin House Tapestry

Mighty Griffin Flooring

Mighty Griffin Throne

Mighty Griffin Wallpaper

Misty Koala

Eucalyptus Bed

Sugared Eucalyptus Leaf Tree

Moon Fox

Moon Fox Flooring

Moon Fox Wallpaper

Mystical Magic

Mystical Magic Divan

Mystical Purple

Mystical Purple Hollow

Mystical Purple Tree Swing


Nocturnal Curtains

Nocturnal Sofa Bed

Northern Trails

Northern Trails Drum

Northern Trails Fire Pit

Northern Trails Rug

Northern Trails Settee

Northern Trails Tent Flooring

Northern Trails Tent Wallpaper

Pom Pom Chinchilla

Pom Pom Chinchilla Flooring

Pom Pom Chinchilla Wallpaper

Poofy Poodle

Poofy Poodle Couch


Puppy Chair

Puppy Fridge

Puppy Playhouse

Puppy Pop-Up Tent

Purple Persian Kitten

Castle Princess Seat

Rainforest Boa

Rainforest Boa Flooring

Rainforest Boa Wallpaper

Red Velvet Rose

Red Velvet Chair

Red Velvet Rose Bed

Red Velvet Rose Curtains

Red Velvet Rose Piano

Rosy Satin

Rose Petal Side Cupboard

Rose Petal Spa

Satin Sofa

Spotted Shell

Spotted Shell Beanbag Chair

Springtime Basket

Spring Celebration Stove

Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud Bed

Stylish Beige

Stylish Beige Bed


Tartan Bed

Tartan Curtains

Tartan Dresser

Tartan Floor Lamp

Tie Dyed

Tie Dyed Garage


Tranquility Bridge

Tranquility Gazebo


Trendy Tuxedo Rug

Trendy Tuxedo Window

Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo Wallpaper

Underwater Blossom

Underwater Blossom Floor Tiles

Underwater Blossom Wallpaper


Carried Away Bed

Carried Away Couch

Carried Away Table

Violetwing Flooring

Violetwing Wallpaper

Violetwing Wardrobe

White Chocolate

White Chocolate Bed

White Chocolate Bunny Wallpaper

White Chocolate Chair

White Chocolate Curtains

White Chocolate Dresser

White Chocolate Rug

White Chocolate Sofa

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