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The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!

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Butterfly Meadow

Butterfly Meadow Bed

Butterfly Meadow Bench

Butterfly Meadow Chair

Butterfly Meadow Flooring

Butterfly Meadow Lamp

Butterfly Meadow Rug

Butterfly Meadow Wardrobe

Butterfly Meadow Wallpaper

Butterfly Meadow Wall Sticker

Butterfly Meadow Window

Cheerful Burrow

Cheerful Burrow Bed

Cheerful Burrow Couch

Cheerful Burrow Door

Cheerful Burrow Flooring

Cheerful Burrow Mushroom Lamp

Cheerful Burrow Spa

Cheerful Burrow Storage

Cheerful Burrow Wallpaper

Cheerful Burrow Woven Rug

Cozy Cranberry

Cozy Cranberry Bed

Cozy Cranberry Chair

Cozy Cranberry Curtains

Cozy Cranberry Dining Chair

Cozy Cranberry Dining Table

Cozy Cranberry Fireplace

Cozy Cranberry Flooring

Cozy Cranberry Lamp

Cozy Cranberry Ottoman

Cozy Cranberry Rug

Cozy Cranberry Sofa

Cozy Cranberry Storage Bench

Cozy Cranberry Vanity

Cozy Cranberry Wallpaper

Cozy Cranberry Wardrobe

Dark Pine Grove

Dark Pine Grove Flooring

Dark Pine Grove Lamp

Dark Pine Grove Rug

Dark Pine Grove Tent

Dark Pine Grove Toy Box

Dark Pine Grove Wallpaper

Dark Pine Grove Wood Light

Forest Ranger Truck

Grizzly Bear Chair

Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bed

Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard Bed

Dark Wizard Chair

Dark Wizard Chamber Door

Dark Wizard Clock

Dark Wizard Flooring

Dark Wizard Rug

Dark Wizard Wallpaper

Dark Wizard Wardrobe

Enchanted Cottage

Enchanted Bear Chair

Enchanted Cottage Bed

Enchanted Cottage Chair

Enchanted Cottage Fireplace

Enchanted Cottage Flooring

Enchanted Cottage Wallpaper

Enchanted Cottage Well

Enchanted Cottage Window

Enchanted Fox Chair

Enchanted Table

Enchanted Window Seat

Whistling Wackys

Enchanted Pond

Enchanted Pond Bed

Enchanted Pond Chair

Enchanted Pond Desk

Enchanted Pond Flooring

Enchanted Pond Gazebo

Enchanted Pond Hideaway

Enchanted Pond Table

Enchanted Pond Wallpaper

Flutter Pig

What Dreams Are Made of Bed

Anything is Possible Wardrobe

When Pigs Fly Flooring

When Pigs Fly WallpaperPack

Good Vibes

Good Vibes Blue Flower Seat

Good Vibes Day Bed

Good Vibes Flooring

Good Vibes Heart Seat

Good Vibes Lamp

Good Vibes Peace Sign Seat

Good Vibes Pink Flower Seat

Good Vibes Rug

Good Vibes Side Table

Good Vibes Star Seat

Good Vibes Storage

Good Vibes Wallpaper

Grape Garden

Grape Garden Arch Bench

Grape Garden Barrel Bed

Grape Garden Flooring

Grape Garden Gate

Grape Garden Trampoline

Grape Garden Wallpaper

Grape Garden Window

Grape Juice Press

Kinz Lodge

Kinz Lodge Beanbag Chair

Kinz Lodge Bed

Kinz Lodge Curtains

Kinz Lodge Fireplace

Kinz Lodge Flooring

Kinz Lodge Rocking Chair

Kinz Lodge Rug

Kinz Lodge Wallpaper

Mysterious Ruins

Mysterious Ruins Bed

Mysterious Ruins Flooring

Mysterious Ruins Tree

Mysterious Ruins Wallpaper

Mysterious Temple Flooring

Mysterious Temple Wallpaper

Puppy Patrol Station

Puppy Patrol Barracks

Puppy Patrol Couch

Puppy Patrol Fun Files

Puppy Patrol Helicopter

Puppy Patrol Station Captain Desk

Puppy Patrol Station Flooring

Puppy Patrol Station Wallpaper

Time Out Chamber

Quilted Hearts

Quilted Hearts Armchair

Quilted Hearts Bed

Quilted Hearts Blanket Box

Quilted Hearts Divider

Quilted Hearts Flooring

Quilted Hearts Rug

Quilted Hearts Wallpaper

Quilted Hearts Wardrobe

Quilted Hearts Window

Saltwater Reef

Coral Dome Bed

Saltwater Reef Coral Column

Saltwater Reef Floor Tile

Saltwater Reef Lounger

Saltwater Reef Spa

Saltwater Reef Wallpaper

Sleek Sequin

Brilliant Gazebo

Sleek Sequin Armchair

Sleek Sequin Bed

Sleek Sequin Car

Sleek Sequin Couch

Sleek Sequin Divider

Sleek Sequin Flooring

Sleek Sequin Lamp

Sleek Sequin Rug

Sleek Sequin Storage Trunk

Sleek Sequin Wallpaper

Sleek Sequin Wardrobe

Sleek Sequin Window

Snug Bug

Snug Bug Armchair

Snug Bug Bed

Snug Bug Dresser

Snug Bug Flooring

Snug Bug Rug

Snug Bug Toy Box

Snug Bug Wallpaper

Snug Bug Window

Special Celebration!

Gold Reception Round Table

Grey & Navy Celebration Suit

Navy Celebration Gown

Pink Reception Round Table

Pretty Petal Gown

Sparkling Apple Juice Fountain

Special Celebration Bench

Special Celebration Chandelier

Special Celebration Dessert Table

Special Celebration Dining Chair

Special Celebration DJ Booth

Special Celebration Disco Ball

Special Celebration Fireplace

Special Celebration Flooring

Special Celebration Gazebo

Special Celebration Limo

Special Celebration Loveseat

Special Celebration Pillar

Special Celebration Table

Special Celebration Wallpaper

Tan Tuxedo

White Ball Gown

White Lace Gown

Stardust Dreams

Stardust Dreams Flooring

Stardust Dreams Lamp

Stardust Dreams Rocking Chair

Stardust Dreams Rug

Stardust Dreams Trunk

Stardust Dreams Wallpaper

Stardust Dreams Wardrobe

Stardust Dreams Window

Sugar Plum Sparkle

Sugar Plum Gumdrop Dispenser

Sugar Plum Sparkle Bed

Sugar Plum Sparkle Chair

Sugar Plum Sparkle Curtains

Sugar Plum Sparkle Dresser

Sugar Plum Sparkle Fireplace

Sugar Plum Sparkle Flooring

Sugar Plum Sparkle Pouf

Sugar Plum Sparkle Rug

Sugar Plum Sparkle Sofa

Sugar Plum Sparkle Sofa Chair

Sugar Plum Sparkle Toy Box

Sugar Plum Sparkle Vanity

Sugar Plum Sparkle Wallpaper

Sugar Plum Sparkle Wardrobe

Sugar Plum Elf Hat

Sugar Plum Elf Suit

Sugar Plum Elf Shoes

Sugar Plum Sparkle Hair Bow

Sugar Plum Sparkle Dress

Summer Strawberry

Summer Strawberry Bed

Summer Strawberry Canopy Window

Summer Strawberry Flooring

Summer Strawberry Lamp

Summer Strawberry Rug

Summer Strawberry Toy Box

Summer Strawberry Vanity

Summer Strawberry Wallpaper

Summer Strawberry Wardrobe

Twinkling Rainbow

Soda Bottle Rainbow Fountain

Twinkling Bed

Twinkling Rainbow 4 Color Rug

Twinkling Rainbow Clock

Twinkling Rainbow Coffee Table

Twinkling Rainbow Couch

Twinkling Rainbow Flooring

Twinkling Rainbow Ottoman

Twinkling Rainbow Soda Fountain

Twinkling Rainbow Wallpaper

Twinkling Window

Webkinz Shire

Webkinz Shire Bed

Webkinz Shire Chest

Webkinz Shire Door

Webkinz Shire Fireplace

Webkinz Shire Flooring

Webkinz Shire Lamp

Webkinz Shire Rug

Webkinz Shire Study

Webkinz Shire Wallpaper

Wicked Wizard Tower

Wicked Wizard Orb Fountain

Wicked Wizard Potion Fridge

Wicked Wizard Potion Table

Wicked Wizard Spell Station

Wicked Wizard Throne

Wicked Wizard Torch

Wicked Wizard Tower Flooring

Wicked Wizard Tower Wallpaper

Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy Bathing Pond

Woodland Fairy Bed

Woodland Fairy Chair

Woodland Fairy Clock

Woodland Fairy Fireplace

Woodland Fairy Flooring

Woodland Fairy Lamp

Woodland Fairy Sofa

Woodland Fairy Swing

Woodland Fairy Top

Woodland Fairy Toybox

Woodland Fairy Wallpaper

Woodland Fairy Wardrobe

Woodland Fairy Window

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